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phpBB review - Slowly Becoming One of the Best Disclaimer: I haven’t used phpBB in a long while so I decided to use the phpBB demo offered on This gave me access to my own forum and its ACP for a while. There was always something about phpBB that I liked, I’m still not sure whether it was the way that it’s structured or simply the way it looks. It might just be something to do with it being the first forum software that I came across. I feel like phpBB has come a long way since I first...

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After many months of work and beta releases, the phpBB Team has announced the launch of phpBB 3.1, formally known as Ascraeus, on October 28, 2014. While the gold release is revealed on 10/28, you can download the newest beta release which was released today here. For those wanting some statistics on the development of Ascraeus, phpBB has announced the following: Over 1K bug fixes 1.5K Improvements 11K commits In the Ascraeus release, you'll find quite a few large improvements to phpBB on all sides. For the Administration side of the forum, modifications have been replaced with the new extensions...

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