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Let's face it, websites are sprouting up faster than spring flowers and being a webmaster is more difficult than ever. We all wish we could return to the days of the 1990's and early 2000's, when a nerdy enthusiast child could end up creating a popular forum community or well-visited website. From GeoCities to self-hosting on an old Dell computer with dial up, pages could be pushed out to the world from anywhere - and with little competition. And yet today we face an even larger issue other than just competing with similar sites. The attention the average person gives...

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ProBoards – Best Free Forum Host What is ProBoards? ProBoards is one of the leading free forum hosts on the Web; they have over 2 million customers. Of all of the free forum hosts on the Web, ProBoards is, by far, the best free forum host! ProBoards is the best free forum host because of their customer service, easily customizable forum software and easy administration. Customer Service When you try a new software for the first time, majority of the time you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. You have a lot of questions and you want answers...

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A lot of forums these days offer some form of virtual currency when posting, but many of these forums don't even put the currency to good use. It usually just ends up as another statistic to brag to your mates about. In reality, not every forum needs a virtual currency, and just because you see another forum have a currency doesn't mean you will be at a disadvantage if you do not have one. Still, if you are considering adding a forum currency to your community, then ask yourself the questions below before making your final decision. 1. How Will...

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