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Promotion is something that every single website needs. Even the largest of corporations need to advertise to retain their positions as market leaders. On this website we typically all have small websites in the grand scheme of things, so the need for cheap and effective promotion tactics to help build your website traffic is critical. In fact,that's why you are reading this article right now, it is why you are a member of any promotion or admin forum that allows you post your link. Promotion forums are only so useful, and to reach those who are specifically interested in your...

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I’m sure we’re all familiar with promotion forums, as we’ve seen hundreds of them pop up over the years. Unfortunately, out of the hundreds created, very few remain open or active after a few weeks. On a more positive note, we’ve seen several examples of promotion forums flourish and become very successful. Such examples are Forum Promotion (one of the first promotion forums started back in 2007), phpBBCommunities, ForuMansion, and ForumHour. These forums were all successful in my opinion because they faced these three “killers” of promotion forums, and they overcame them. I’ll elaborate over each point in detail in...

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With Forum Promotion updating it's rules, services and it's software, Forum Promotion has decided to remove the restriction on the buying and selling of FP Cash, because it just didn't seem like a rule that was doing the forum any good, on restricting people from being able to sell something that is deemed to have very little value. FP Cash, as just a forum currency and without any monetary backing, really doesn't have much of a value cash wise on a forum, when you are not supplementing it with a value of actual cash. So, how do you appraise the...

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