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Do you have enough fingers to count all the times you've seen people chanting the same mantra over and over again--"Promotion forums don't work"? I know that I don't! The users chanting this mantra, though, are the ones who are using promotion forums incorrectly. Even the most effective services in the world can be worthless to you if you don't use them correctly! First of all, using promotion forums exclusively to advertise your site is not a good idea. Promotion forums, like anything else, are merely a resource. Promotion forums are meant to complement your other efforts. Promotion forums, however,...

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During my time as a reviewer on Forum Promotion, I began to see a pattern in the things that made me deduct points. Many forums, particularly new forums, were making the same mistakes. Many of these mistakes that the new forums were making were particularly bothersome to me, so I'm sure that many others are turned off when they see them, too. Obviously, all new forums are going to have some limitations (e.g. lack of members, few topics, low post count), but many of the problems I saw in my reviews can be easily corrected. When your forum is new,...

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Obviously, criticism is something that is part of everybody's life. Without criticism, nothing would improve. However, I see a trend on FP (and the internet in general) where people tend to cross the line with their "constructive criticism." Of course, nobody blames the people who cross the line with their "constructive criticism", if the person receiving the criticism is offended because they have the magic words on their side: "I was just trying to help." Assuming that you were legitimately trying to help rather than be a complete jerk, it seems that you don't know how to criticize properly if...

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Reviews are very common on Forum Promotion and elsewhere in the world. The types of reviews that we might receive on a daily basis vary widely, and with every review, there is a proper way and an improper way to use it. I find that the reviews on Forum Promotion are consistently misused by the people who request them. Being an ex-reviewer, I have a lot of experience with giving reviews and being dismayed when people receive them the wrong way. I am going to go through some myths related to reviews on Forum Promotion and dispel them. Myth #1:...

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Many problems that forums both new and old can face is mismanagement. Mismanagement is something that can destroy even an extremely successful forum in a matter of days. The decisions that staff members make can easily alienate an entire base of members. This article will outline some of the things staff members can do to easily alienate their entire base of members. Sweeping Changes Imagine that you have a forum that has been up for a few years as a gaming forum, and you've got a pretty large base of members. One day, you wake up and decide that you're...

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