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Tools and Tips for DIY SEO

DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO is a very popular topic. Some businesses cannot afford to hire a company like to help them with their SEO campaigns, but they do have the time and or human resources to make a go of things on their own. There is nothing wrong with a DIY approach to SEO as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into! For starters, there are big differences between SEO web design services and an SEO tools service. One specializes in helping you to design and edit your website to be more SEO-friendly and the other prefers to work through a variety of SEO tools (or even creating their own) to help clients achieve their SEO goals. As these are very different services there needs to be a little research done to figure out exactly what sorts of SEO services your business is going to need even if you will be performing them for yourself. Look at Your Mobile Representation Almost any small business SEO service is going to advocate that you give a little bit of time to mobile SEO services, as mobile browsing and shopping are at an all-time high and the trend doesn’t seem to be losing momentum any time soon. This can be a relatively cheap SEO service if you have a web developer on staff who can implement a responsive web design for your website and make any meta information changes that you need in order to optimize for your keywords. Cover All Basis Other SEO services for small business optimizers include on page optimization, content creation, link building, and social media management. You’re going to need a well-optimized home page to draw in both search engines and human visitors, content for them to enjoy while they’re on your website, links to help direct people to useful information (sending people to other parts of your site or sending them to your site from somewhere else on the web), and someone at the helm of your social presences to make sure that concerns are being addressed and profiles are kept active and interesting. Doing your own SEO can be an interesting adventure if you have the time and energy to take care of all of the different things you will need to do in order to ensure the best results from a comprehensive strategy being correctly implemented. If you try things on your own for a while and find that you would rather have someone else handle things for you, don’t be afraid to contact an affordable SEO provider like RankPop for more information about becoming a client. What Are Some SEO Must Haves? There are a lot of SEO services out there and for every SEO service there is a slightly different approach to even the most basic staples of the SEO industry. Local SEO services are going to behave differently than global SEO services – this makes total sense because their focuses and directions are totally different but at the same time it can make things confusing for their clients! The best SEO services are going to come from an SEO services company that offers affordable SEO services that are of good quality. Professional SEO services can have a good handle on the needs of their clients and will often have several packages available that only offer the most basic and important SEO services in order to create a package or two that are affordable for their smaller budget clients. Find Keywords
  1. Keyword research – Keywords are the foundation of almost every single SEO service that you can think of, so you need to make sure that you include keyword research in your SEO package.
  2. On page optimization – What’s the sense of inviting someone important into your home if it’s not going to be picked up and well-presented? This is the concept behind on page optimization, a process that helps to make your website as attractive as possible to both human visitors and search engines.
  3. Content marketing – Your website is going to need content, this is true, but you also need to be producing content that is meant to be shared and published elsewhere on the web.
  4. Link building – Link building has been dropping in importance when compared to other ranking factors but it is still very important. People often find websites that they like just from seeing a link to that website on another site they visit. It’s kind of like a word of mouth recommendation, and we all know how powerful those can be!
There are plenty of other things that can be very useful to your business like social media management, but these are not as essential – meaning if you cannot afford these kinds of services then you can probably do without them for now and try to handle them yourself. Once your company grows a bit and you need to be more socially active than you can manage on your own, then you can bring in a company to help manage it for you.
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