Top 5 Ways to Significantly Build Forum Brand with Your Online Community

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Top 5 Ways to Significantly Build Forum Brand with Your Online Community

Do you often wonder how important it is to build forum brand?

Fifteen or even twenty years ago, promoting a forum and getting new members was easy.

Then social media was born.

After social took the internet and engagement crown, promoting a message forum started to become a challenge and has only gotten harder each year.

Now is the most critical time for you to build forum brand, and in this article, I will show you five different ways to make a brand with your online community significantly.


Build Forum Brand 1: Create a Mission

If you want to build forum brand, your forum has to have a mission. You have to have a purpose for the existence of your community.

A good mission will explain your forum, why you created it, and what you want it to accomplish.

Creating a mission will align your forum goals and motivate you to continue building it up.

A mission is needed to start building a brand for your message forum.


Build a Forum Brand 2: Analyze Your Competitors

Research your competitors to help build forum brand!

Don’t just research message forums, though. You should also research the top websites of your actual niche. If your niche is about Dragon Ball Z, you should research the actual creators and top websites for Dragon Ball Z content and not just message forums covering that topic.

A competing forum isn’t always going to paint a picture with branding, but a well-established website will.

Branding works for the big websites; why couldn’t it work for a forum too?


Build a Forum Brand 3: Determine Your Audience

Once you determine your audience, branding will become an easy task.

Knowing who you want to build forum brand for is much simpler than not knowing who you want to make it for, right?

You must decide what audience you want to target with your community. Very rarely will the community choose for you, especially in these modern times when forums are not getting as much traffic as they used to.

But developing a brand could be a lifesaver for message forums that adopt the practice.


Build Forum Brand 4: Finding Your Voice

A good brand needs a good voice.

You must find your voice for the brand, own it, and stick with it.

A voice may have a specific tone, opinion, professionalism, sales pitch, etc.

The important thing is that the tone must be used at all times for the forum to represent a brand.


Build a Forum Brand 5: Create Your Brand

Create your brand to build forum brand.

Choose the logo, favicon, and icon for social media pages and links. Use those images for all internal and external brand properties.

Choose a color scheme and font. If you can get a custom font, it will help further establish uniqueness for your brand.

Make sure people identify your brand immediately whether they see it on your forum or away from it.


And that were five significantly helpful ways to build forum brand with your online community. Follow these recommendations, and you should start seeing more visits to your forum. As a bonus tip, when trying to come up with the coloring options of the brand – consider looking into color psychology because all of the major brands have already proven time and time again that color marketing is very effective.

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