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Traffic Exchanges - Good or Bad?

This article was first posted on our blog on 09/06/2009. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.
After reading this topic on the forum, it has made me think about how well it works for forums. I have used many traffic exchanges over the years to promote many things. I have used them to promote forums and overall the results have been poor in my time using them. When browsing one of them and if you actually look at the sites you will notice that they are all mainly 1 type of sites being promoted. They are money making sites. Whether they are sites selling "make $1,000,000 in 24 hours" books or just Pay To Click (PTC) sites, they are all similar types of sites. People mainly use them to promote affiliate links in order to allow them to make money and build their downlines. People also use them to promote other traffic exchanges, as it is a good promotion technique. If people are using 1 traffic exchange they would be interested in other potentially better ones. That is similar to the people surfing. They mostly all share an interest of making money on the internet. That means that they like looking for other ways to make money. I personally have got quite a few referrals from traffic exchanges for PTC sites that I am part of. Now on to the forum part. Because of the people that use these type of sites, you won't get good results really when promoting forums using them. Yes you may get a few members over a long period of time, but for the effort it is not really worth it. There are alot of better ways to promote your forum and get much better results. Overall, it is not a good way to promote forums, although it can be good if you are part of any site where you make money. One way to judge if a promotional method is good is to look around and look at what types of people visit and what they would be interested in mostly. If it doesn't match what you are promoting, then it might not be worthwhile to use or spend too much time using. Hope this helps. Feel free to comment below!

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