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USHost247 - Review Spotlight

USHost247 Full Review by Ravenisawesome

You can access USHost247 to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here.

Scoring: Image First Impressions & Appearance – (15 out of 20) Upon viewing USHost247 for the very first time, I must say I was very impressed. I can tell that lots of hard work and dedication has been put into creating a very professional theme for the website, down to each pixel. After looking over each section of the site multiple times, I couldn't find a pixel out of place. While the theme is beautiful, I feel a few more edits could be made to fit the site's name. I have gone over a few ideas bellow on what could be changed to reflect the name of the site. Since US is a word found within the site's name itself, I think a few more shades of red, white, and blue could be added somewhere in the site. Perhaps the banner of the site could be changed to include the american flag somewhere? While I don't think the entire template should be changed to represent the US, just adding a few icons with the color scheme could spice things up a bit. This would be pretty interesting to see. One thing that bothered me a tiny bit is the home icon. It's always highlighted as red, and thus it constantly looks like the viewer is on the main page. It's a small issue, but it's off putting to me a bit. Perhaps after clicking other links they could be highlighted in red like the home icon is? Still looking pass these small issues, the site looks stunning already. While scrolling down to the site's footer, I noticed a link to the site's blog. However after clicking the link, it redirected me to the main page so it appears that the blog is no longer active. This link should be changed to inform readers that the blog is either currently under construction or no longer active. Or if there is no blog planned for the site, this link should be removed until the blog is up and running. I noticed that there are two log in links, which both lead to the client log in page. One of these could be removed, since this doesn't look too professional. I would definitely keep the button located next to the "live chat" button, it's easier to locate the client area log in page and it looks more professional compared to the link located on the opposite side of the site. Last thing I noticed while viewing your site, on the shared hosting plans page there is a error. Under the "large" plan text, you've mistakenly typed "15 email" instead of "15 domains". Image Site Layout – (17 out of 20) I must say I am quite impressed with the overall layout of the website. The main site is extremely easy to navigate, I honestly have no complaints about it. Potential customers can easily find the live chat button just in case they have any issues or questions, this is one of the most important features on the site. Customers can easily locate the service plans that fit their needs, the buttons that redirect the user to the right service plans are located on every page and catch the viewers eyes. The only part of the layout that I honestly think could be changed is where the "one-script" install list is located. Since this makes it easy for customers who don't know how to install different scripts, I suggest moving the list closer to the hosting packages list on the main page to inform them of the few scripts they can easily install with just a few clicks. Image Content – (17 out of 20) USHost247 offers wonderful hosting services that fits the needs of it's customers. Therefore, I was absolutely blown away with what services USHost247 has to offer. Not only does your site offer wonderful hosting packages, potential customers can even try out the site's hosting plans via a free trial period. Granted even if it is limited, this is a feature I haven't seen much on hosting sites. Giving your potential customers a chance to try your services for free before deciding if this is the hosting site for them really helps bring more customers in. Best of all, the services don't cost a thing to set up. However I feel that the knowledgebase section of your site needs a bit more content added to it. It's pretty empty at the moment, there are many empty sections that could be filled to help customers. Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – (17 out of 20) Overall I didn't notice many spelling errors, but there are still some currently present on the site. Most are small typos, which can easily be overlooked while working on other aspects of the site. Nonetheless it's always nice to proofread, or have another pair of eyes to proofread for you. I have gone over the small typo, grammar, and spelling issues in this next part. The first grammar error detected on the website appears on each service page, the sentence I am referring to is the following. "We can help you choose the best one that fits for you!" Since this text appears on multiple pages it should be reworded to appear more professional. While the first half of the sentence appears to be fine, the final half of the sentence doesn't quite roll off the tip of my tongue well. "We can help you choose the best service that fits your needs!" fits the statement better, of course you could reword the phrase however you like but this sounds much better. I came across a very small typo on the Reseller Hosting page. This typo appears in the very first sentence bellow the "Reseller Hosting" text, specifically this following sentence: "Make your own hosting business and be your own boss!." There is a added period after the exclamation mark. Again this typo is small so it can easily be looked over, but nonetheless it's a typo and should be fixed accordingly. Finally one of the very few spelling errors I noticed was located on the Shared Hosting plan page, specifically located underneath the "Latest PHP & MySQL" tab. The word "prowling" has been mistakenly spelled as "proweling." Again like most tiny errors I noticed this probably was looked over, but this should be fixed as well. These are the only few errors I did notice while viewing the site.
Total Score - (66 out of 80)

Final Remarks: Overall USHost247 is a very professional hosting website. While the theme looks great a few more features can really make the site look even better than it already does. I feel that your site offers wonderful packages for many webmasters, regardless of their project. The prices for each service offered at USHost247 are great ones as well. It's quite easy to navigate the site, even though there seems to be two links that connect the user to the same page. I hope that USHost247 will be around for more years to come, good luck with your project. Image Strengths: - The site is very easy to navigate. - The site offers plenty of services based around it's niche. Image Weaknesses: - While the theme is fine, a few more tweaks could be done to reflect the site's name. - The site has a few typos, grammar, and spelling errors.

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