Weekly Interview Series #1 - ddoesmc

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Weekly Interview Series #1 - ddoesmc

Hello wonderful members of Forum Promotion! If you remember a few months ago, the Editorial Team hosted a weekly interview series for quite a while, we previously interviewed active members and staff members of the community. With my recent promotion, one of my new responsibilities is to get this interview ship sailing once more. The interview series is back, and hopefully better than ever! Rather than trying to release multiple interviews each week, we're going to keep things simple. One entertaining interview will be posted for your enjoyment every Wednesday. We will interview active members, staff members, Valued Contributors, and even random people who have nothing to do with Forum Promotion. With that being said, let's dive right into our very first interview. His name is David, but you probably know him for his username, ddoesmc. He joined Forum Promotion almost two years ago, but he has certainly increased his presence on Forum Promotion over the past few months.
Hey buddy! I'll start this interview off with the basics. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Hello there! My name is ddoesmc. People also call me Captain. My name is David, I’m 15 and I live in The United States of America. Currently, I am in high school and spend most of my time online doing webmaster related things. At the moment, I am working on a few projects that are taking up some of my so called “work” time. However, I still manage to have plenty of time to moderate forums and write reviews. Let me explain my Captain name for a bit. My Skype and Minecraft username is captaindogfish. So, that name stuck for a while. I still don’t mind being called it, but now I do prefer being called David. Most of my projects are private. The newest forum I joined as a staff member is Promotion Box. I joined a few days ago and so far, I am enjoying the experience moderating there. It is an old forum that is being rebooted again.
Your profile states that photography is one of your interests. Could you explain this interest for us? Do you do professional photography, or do you just do it as a fun hobby to relax? What are some things that you enjoy taking photos of?
My profile sure does! I would love to explain that for you. I would say it is somewhere in between professional and hobby. I have a DSLR camera from a few years ago that I use currently. I like to photograph anything I see! I love doing photography in old places.
Your profile also says that you're a dog person. Are you personally a dog owner? If yes, how many dogs do you have? Tell us about them.
Yep, I sure am a dog person! (To any cat lovers, I like them too!) Currently, I have one dog. Her name is Pebbles and she is three years old. She loves playing with me and my mom. Not much else I can tell you about her.
You seem to be a respected member of this community. How did you end up joining Forum Promotion back in 2013? Why have you chosen to stay involved at this forum even though you do not seem to be promoting any of your own forums?
I did not know I was a respected member. That is nice to hear. I found FP by searching for promotion forums on Google. It was the first one that came up and I instantly fell in love. I don’t really see a reason to leave. I have taken a few breaks because of some stress I received from the community, but I swallowed those bricks and I keep going every day! That is how I like to be.
You also gained a little bit of attention when you hosted your own unofficial awards program in the Intellectual Talk board of Forum Promotion. Could you tell us about it? What led you to start something like that? When do you plan to that again?
Oh, that is great! I called the program DAwards. I name it after myself because I thought it sounded good and I didn't want to call it “Unofficial FP Awards." Not quite sure why I thought of DAwards in the first place. That idea came from FP Awards. I wanted to have a smaller battle with more of the active community. I would love to do that again! However, I would want someone else to run it with. It was not easy setting up everything for battling.
Be completely honest, do you take the time to always read the blog posts written by our wonderful Editorial Team? Why or why not?
First off, the Editorial Team is great! I love all of them. I don’t read every topic, I just don’t have time. Most of the topics they decide to write about is great, but I just don’t have time. I will read every few topics here and there though.
Are you excited for the changes that our coming to Forum Promotion? Have you been following the Forum Promotion Design Leaks topic as hardcore as I am? Do you have any suggestions you'd like to make as the transfer to phpBB 3.1 is upon us?
I sure am! But I probably have not been following it as hardcore as you have. I do have a few suggestions! I wish that there were member rooms. We could set up our own room and invite people. Maybe if you have a certain amount of FP$, you could buy one in the shop. Perhaps if you had over 1,000 posts, you could get one for free. I feel like there should be special rooms for active members such as myself. I also recently posted this suggestion on the forum.
Do you have any advice for the multitude of forum and blog owners that are reading this post? What is something that they should remember as they continue to dedicate their time to their websites?
My first one is to follow your dreams! Don’t listen to someone who turns down your idea. Take their criticism and work to improve your idea. Not everyone will love what you are doing. Everyone has their own take on things. My other tip is to do a lot of promoting! That is the most important thing. Use promotion forums, social media, and don't be afraid to share your website with your friends. Also, start a referral program with rewards so members will want to promote your forum.
Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?
I am not sure where I will be in fifteen years. I hope to be living in my own house with a wife. I would love to have one kid! I think I will be successful. I could see myself having a few jobs and being a part-time webmaster online. At the rate my life is going at, things might be really different!
Starting a new tradition for our interview series, try to make us laugh!
This has been a great interview. Now for some fun! I'm not sure what to say, but put a smile on your face and listen to this quick story. Let me tell you about one day when I was three years old. After eating a meal and playing with my cousin, I decided to show my cousin how to dance. I went all out. I put the music on and did my thing. I ended up putting my arm through a window during my dance. Today, I still have a scar bigger than my iPod. There were lots of blood, screaming, and crying!

Well, that concludes our first interview. Thanks to ddoesmc for taking the time to answer my questions! Be sure to check the blog out a week from today. On June 17th, the second interview of the series will be posted. We will be interviewing Hissae2. As always, we appreciate the people who take the time to regularly read our blog posts. Thanks for your support!

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