Weekly Interview Series #3 - Hissae2

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Weekly Interview Series #3 - Hissae2

Hello members of Forum Promotion! I am happy to present the third interview of this series to you guys. This week, we are interviewing the Package Team Leader of Forum Promotion. His username is Hissae2, but people tend to refer to him as James, or simply Hissae. He has been a member of Forum Promotion since 2010. Anyways, let's get started with the interview.
Hey Hissae! I'll start this off with a typical interview question. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Hello, my online name is Hissae2, but my real name is James. I am eighteen years old and I was born in the United Kingdom. I ended up moving to a small town in Ontario, Canada when I was eleven years old. I'm a university student studying computer science, and I finished my first year last month. Some of my hobbies include watching television, playing video games, and of course, forums.
Anyone who has been on Forum Promotion over the past few years has seen you advertising your forum before. The Mario Forums has definitely had a lot of success. What's your secret?
I don't have any real secrets. I got my forum off the ground in 2011 by inviting some friends I'd made from other forums to join. Once I had an active community I advertised the forum in my signature on other forums in similar niches, and I always wear my The Mario Forums signature on any forum I join or am active on. This helped bring in a few more people, and then after a few months people started joining on their own from Google.
Your forum has been around for many years. Do you ever get bored with your forum? How have you managed to stay dedicated to The Mario Forums all this time?
I have a great community and staff team. That is what keeps me coming back everyday.
I'm sure you have been told many times in the past that you need to get off of free forum hosting. Does that bug you a little bit?
This is something I get a lot from the Forum Promotion community and it bothers me quite a bit. When I first started out, I was told my forum couldn't be successful if I stayed on a free host, and although I think I've proven that person wrong by this point, I still frequently get these types of comments about being on a free host. There are certainly disadvantages to free hosts, but they also have their benefits, especially if your forum is just a hobby. Being on a paid host does not make it any easier to attract members, and if you're inexperienced it can make it harder if you are unable to quickly resolve any problems or your host goes down. With a free host, this will all be done for you and usually very quickly, before you're even aware there is a problem. Outside of the webmaster communities, no one cares what forum software you are using, and being on a free host will not discourage people from joining.
Do you have any other projects in the works? Ever consider opening up some other type of forum or website?
I don't. I'm too busy with The Mario Forums, Forum Promotion, and real life for that.
You have stuck with Forum Promotion through thick and thin. Why did you come here, and what has made you stay all these years? What do you love about Forum Promotion?
I was looking for places to promote my forum and one of my members found Forum Promotion for me. He is registered under the username "xxEvilTacoxx," but he is not active here. For a few months, I was here mostly just for the post exchanges, until I decided to join the staff team. Since then, I have stuck around mostly for the great community we have here and to help people out with their own forums.
Congratulations on being promoted to the Package Team Leader position! On a scale of 1 to 10, how ecstatic were you when you found out that you were returning to your old position? Are you planning on making any changes to the package service?
Thank you! It feels great to be back in this position and once again on Forum Promotion's best team. Being on the Community Team was a fun new experience, but if I had to give you a number, I'd have to say 11. We do have some changes planned and you can expect to see that along with the FP 3.1 updates on July 25th. I won't give away too much about that now, but it should improve the quality of the package service.
What would you like to see at Forum Promotion?
I am really looking forward to seeing the new theme live on Forum Promotion. It's been a few years since the new Forum Promotion theme first started being worked on, and it's awesome to see it is finally near completion after all this time.
Do you think you could beat me in a hot dog eating contest? Why or why not?
I ate too many hotdogs in the past and because of that, now I don't like them. So, probably not.
Give us something to laugh about.
I don't have any good jokes. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well, that is the end of this interview. Thanks to Hissae2 for taking the time to answer my questions. Make sure to watch out for our next interview, which will be posted on July 2nd. As always, we appreciate the members who enjoy reading these interviews each week. Thank you!

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