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Weekly Member Interview Series #6 - Jamie

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Member Interview Series! This week, we have decided to interview Jamie. Jamie has been a member of Forum Promotion since August 29th, 2010. Before we get to the interview, the questions in bold type are questions asked by Joshua Farrell. The answers below them are Jamie's answers to those questions. Now on to the interview!
Hi Jamie, what can you tell us about yourself? Hi there! I'm a twenty year old webmaster and tech lover from England. Monday to Friday I work at an IT company as part of a web development team, and in my free time I manage a couple of websites and projects of my own. When I'm not sat behind a computer screen, I tend to spend my time shooting air rifles or at the pub. I'm a big sports fan and also love listening to music and watching films. How has your time here at FP been, and what do you like about the community? I'm been at for over four years now, and it's really helped give some of my projects a kick-start. There's a strong community who in nine times out of ten are more than willing to help out another member which is essential with a community of this niche. In my early days I always received support when I didn't really know what I was doing, and it's those early days that really matter in the webmaster world. Many will give up before they've even started, but when you have support from others who are patient with you it makes the experience and learning curve much more enjoyable. It's this reason why I try to help others as much as possible, whether it be with knowledge or finances. What can you tell us about The Blazon? The Blazon is a little project I founded back in March 2014. I used to be Editor-in-Chief of a technology blog, but after the owner sold it on I realised I'd had enough of running a project but not having full control of it. This is why The Blazon was created, and I felt it would be more fun branching out to other topics rather than solely technology and the internet. This is why we now cover other niches such as entertainment (films, music, television), sports, world news, science as well as technology. This means it was a bit more refreshing for the team members and I as we weren't writing the same things day in day out as we could change it up with a different topic if we wanted to. Due to my limited free time, the website has suffered a little due to my lack of dedication, though I have recently sold one of my projects (FPS Forum) so that I can hopefully put some more time into it. Do you own any other websites? I own my personal blog/portfolio website This is rarely updated, but I occasionally write blog posts, as well as updating my current portfolio and domain names that I have for sale. I'm also Lead Administrator at a popular administrator forum called Admin Forums. I recently took management of the site to give it a new lease of life, and I've got lots of plans for the future for it. What advice can you tell newer admins here at Forum Promotion, on what they could do to better? Ask for help: Never be afraid to ask for help. There will always be people with more knowledge that you on topics to do with your website, so don't be afraid to ask people. That's why forums such as Forum Promotion and Admin Forums exist - they are communities designed for people to share knowledge. Set aside some money: Yes, it's possible to set up a website for free or a low amount, but if you want to succeed and grow, you will inevitably have to invest some cash. This may be for upgraded servers, designs or staff payments, but if you want to grow you eventually will have to inject cash. I noticed you had previously been part of the Package Team. What can you tell us about what the Package Team does to help forum owners? I've actually been part of the Package Team three times! The Package Team does a great job of boosting activity - though it's only temporary, it does give your website a little boost which is often what can get your legacy members posting or commenting. It's a fun team to be a part of too as you get to experience lots of different communities. In the years that we had the older Content Team, and the current Editorial Team, what are the things you know that they did as part of their team? I wasn't really around in the days of the older Content Team, so I can't comment on that. However, the new Content/Editorial Team seems to be putting in a high work rate which is exactly what's needed - tips and guides for new members will prove a hit if done correctly. Did you know you can write an article for the blog? If invited, would you like to write something about being a webmaster or a forum admin? Sure - if I could have another day in the week! Time is limited these days! If you had $25,000,000 what would you do? I'd buy a nice house - not too big, mind. I modern style house with lots of parking space for all the cars I'd buy! I'd have a few Rolls Royce's, a Nissan Skyline R34 and a Mercedes G-Wagen (to start with)! I'd still go to work Monday to Friday as I'd still want to live a relatively normal life. Of course I'd buy nice things like I mentioned above, but I love my job so why would I quit? I'd share my wealth with family and friends, as well as to charitable organisations.
And that wraps up this weeks interview! Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading these every week that they are posted! Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like!

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