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Weekly Member Interview Series #7 – Raees

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Member Interview Series! This week, we have decided to interview Raees. This member has been a member of Forum Promotion since October 26th, 2013. Now on to the interview! Hi Raees, what can you tell us about yourself? Hello Joshua, first of all thanks for selecting me for this interview. To begin with my name is Raees Nazeer, a 15 year old and I am from Karnataka, India but I have been staying in Saudi Arabia for the past 8 years and will be returning to India next year after completing my 10th grade. I spend most of my time online actually its my only hobby. I am also a huge Cricket fan and never miss any matches of my favorite Team India. I also spend my time designing themes and other things online. How has your time here at FP been, and what do you like about the community? It has been a great time since I joined FP, its really wonderful place and I have got lots of inspiration in my online world from FP. I like the friendliness of the members of the community and always ready to help and the services which the forum provides like the Package & Reviews are just excellent. Do you own any forums, and what can you tell us about them? I have started my journey of making forums in 2012 since then I have made many forums though most of them were unsuccessful, I haven't given up in making more. I am still trying my best and working hard to make a forum popular like FP. At the present my mine project is PromotionCurve.Net which is also a Promotion Forum like FP, I have just began it and everything is going good till now, hope I will be successful with it. If you had the chance to do anything in the world, what would it be? If I had that chance I would like to wipe poverty from this world and make this world a better place to live in. First I would like to snatch all the money from those corrupt politicians and officers. If you had $25,000,000 what would you do? Thats really huge amount I would use to achieve my above goals by spending on poor peoples and helping the world to be a better place and I would also like to invest some for sites and forums for making them wonderful.
And that wraps up this weeks interview! Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading these every week that they are posted! Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like!

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