Weekly Member Interview Series - Interviewing Tornado!

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Weekly Member Interview Series - Interviewing Tornado!

Tell me a bit about yourself Hello, I'm known as Tornado, Tornado AMR and Tornado Mitr. I live in the United Kingdom. My favourite food is Pizza, and my favourite drink is Pepsi. I like too many songs to list, usually Rap, Rock and Pop. I enjoy running, managing and moderating forums. 1) What's your favourite computer game? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. 2) Do you know any coding languages, if so what languages do you know? Are you confident at coding or do you struggle a bit? Have you developed any websites in the past? If so, what websites have you developed? I know CSS, HTML, C+, C++, C# and VB. I am confident in all of them and I have coded my own forums in the past. 3) If you won a big sum of money on the lottery today, what would you do with it? Save 25% for the future, use 25% on my family/hobbies and the final 25% would go to charity. 4) Do you like posting on forums? I do like posting on forums, and I enjoy getting into large discussions and debating! 5) If someone said to you, Tornado! I am going to give the power for one day and one day only, for you to learn absolutely anything, this could be a skill, it could be anything! What would it be and why? I would choose to learn everything to do with Geography, History and Computers. I think they would be the most interesting and helpful. 6) Do you think ghosts and aliens exist somewhere on this universe, or do you think they do not exist? Yes, but I don't know why. 7) Do you enjoy school, or do you hate it? I enjoy some aspects, especially subjects that I excel in and enjoy. 8) Do you play any games? If so, what are they games? What devices do you play them on (Computer, Xbox, PS3, etc)? I mainly play first-person shooters and general third-person games on the Xbox One or PS4. 9) If you had all the money in the world, what you do with it and why? Give 50% to charity and 25% to my family and friends. The remaining 25% I would spend on my hobbies. 10) Are you good at cooking? If so, what dishes do you like making? Do you prefer to make mains, starters, or desserts? In one sentence, I am a terrible cook. 11) What is your dream job? Do you have more than one “dream job”, if so what is it and why? A realistic dream job would be Computer Security Consultant (I am a malware removal expert and security enthusiast), and a non-realistic dream job would be an astronaut. 12) Are you a person who is usually on time, late or are you early to events? (events include going to work, meeting up with friends etc) I am usually just before the deadline/time. 13) Do you like spicy food, if so how spicy do you like it? If you don’t like spicy food, will you have it really mild or will you stay away from it? I like very mild spicy food, but nothing stronger. 14) What makes you bored and why? I just get bored, if I don't keep myself busy.

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