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Weekly Member Interviews #1 - Theezy

Hello, and welcome to the newest edition of Forum Promotion's Blog! We will be starting a Weekly Member Interview Series, so that the membership can get to know different members of the community, This week, we have decided to interview Theezy. This member has been a member of Forum Promotion since October 2007, and was a former member of the Community Team. Now on to the interview! Tell us a little about yourself. I live in California, been there all my life. I just turned 30 and I'm just an average joe for the most part. I work 40 hours a week and in my free time I frequent the forum world. :P What brought you to Forum Promotion (If you can remember)? I believe I found this place through back when it was hosted there. Fowler used to frequent the support forum and I clicked his signature one day. The rest is history. I noticed you used to be a staff member here at Forum Promotion, what team(s) were you part of? I was on the community team. Do you own or are a staff member of a forum, website or blog? If so, please tell us about them! I own the Wober Discussion Community ( ) and I have been running that since 2009. In September we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary! We have a number of regulars and new people trickle in every so often. I look forward to logging in everyday and interacting with the community. It's a great place to be. :) As a member of Forum Promotion, what do you think is a good feature that we have? The package service is probably my favorite. They always do a fine job providing my members with interesting new topics to reply to whenever I happen to request a package. If you had the ability to add one to two things to Forum Promotion, what would you add? Not sure. Seems fine how it is. Thank you for accepting to do an Interview. Is there any extra comments you would like to mention? No prob bob, thanks for picking me. :) And that wraps up this weeks interview! Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading our new weekly interviews! Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like you want to ask!

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