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Weekly Member Interviews #2 – Daniel

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Member Interview Series! This week, we have decided to interview Daniel. This member has been a member of Forum Promotion since December 2008. Now on to the interview! Tell us a little about yourself. Hello there, my name is Daniel, I am 21 and I am a fairly "normal" person. I work about 40 hours a week at an I.T. firm where I repair computers on a daily basis. I live on the west side of Michigan and have been living here for about 3 years now! I have been in the hobby of roaming forums for about 9 or 10 years now and to this day I do not remember what originally got me started on them. I have been frequenting Forum Promotion since about 2009 off and on seeing lots of things change while myself as well was changing. I am a huge technology geek so if you ever want to have a discussion about some tech feel free to hit me up ! What brought you to Forum Promotion? To be entirely honest with you I am not sure what originally brought me here, but I do remember that I joined back in 2009 to advertise an old promotion forum that my younger self had created and I have come back here to use FP's services ever since. Do you own or are a staff member of a forum, website or blog? If so, please tell us about them! I currently own two websites of my own, one being my personal blog ( ) which is basically where I go to blog about my day or whatever I so please to write about. Then I also have my current project which is a stem off of my old promotion forum back in 2009-2010 called Reliable Promotion ( ) I just launched it towards the end of last month and things are going quite well it is a pretty nice place so come check us out! As a member of Forum Promotion, what do you think is a good defining feature of the community in general? As with every forum it has its flaws but I believe that FP has a whole has a fairly dedicated community that still backs it even after all these years! And What do you think is a good defining service feature that you enjoy here? Honestly, I believe that the best service feature of FP is the Package Service, they may be a service that has the most turnover in staff but the post quality that comes from the staff is generally very good. If you had the ability to add one to two things to Forum Promotion, what would you add? I honestly don't think much more could be added. Thank you for accepting to do an Interview. Is there any extra comments you would like to mention? I just want to quickly thank Josh for the opportunity for this interview and I wish you all the best of days!
And that wraps up this weeks interview! Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading our new weekly interviews! Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like you want to ask!

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