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Weekly Staff Interview Series #11 — MasterA

Hello! This week, we have a very special edition of the Staff Member Interview Series. MasterA is the current owner of ForumPromotion, who acquired the website a few weeks ago, and has initiated a number of discussions concerning how to improve the ForumPromotion community. This interview discussed many topics, ranging from questions allowing us to get to know MasterA better, to questions involving MasterA's proposed changes, and his advise for new Webmasters.
Hello, MasterA! Congratulations on your recent acquisition of Forum Promotion! My first question, as with every interview, is this: what can you tell us about yourself? There is a lot I can say but let's start off with the basics. I am a 23 years old student currently studying a mathematics PHD and residing in England. I started my first forum when I was 14 so I do have 9 years experience in managing forums. My first forum was a gaming forum and it was hosted with Forumotion. I have also owned many other forums and websites, one being Business Stadium. Other than administrating websites, what hobbies are you interested in? You should already know that I enjoy mathematics but some of my hobbies include watching anime, playing badminton, reading and boxing. I am part of the badminton team for my university and we play against other universities regularly. What other interesting facts can you tell us about yourself? Foreign Languages? Pets? I have learnt many languages during university. I learnt French, Chinese and Japanese but I am only on a limited proficiency for all 3 languages. I don't have any pets but I want to have a dog. Do you currently own any other websites? If so, what can you tell us about them? Currently, I only own Forum Promotion. I closed down Business Stadium due to not having enough time previously and now I am only focusing on FP. What made you choose Forum Promotion? Well, I came across Forum Promotion via google when I was trying to promote my forum, Business Stadium. I thought that Forum Promotion is a great place for webmasters to learn and I have always loved it. I had a short break from managing websites, as I was very busy with life, but when I came back, I wanted to buy an established site. I came across Nerdie selling Forum Promotion and I decided to buy it because I love the community. As owner, you've had a chance to experience the community here at FP in a very unique way. What are your thoughts on the community here at FP? I think that the community is very friendly. I have talked to many people and we got to know each other very quickly. I got a lot of nice suggestions coming over which I enjoyed reading and hope that the community can help me improve FP by bring them what they want. Many of us are excited to see the changes which are on the horizon. Which single change that you have proposed will, in your opinion, do the most to benefit Forum Promotion? I will say that keeping plans open and let member vote for new features will do a lot of benefit to Forum Promotion. The reason is because members are more likely to stay active on the forum if they are able to participate in the major decisions of the forum. We want members engaged in the community and feel valued. I think a big mistake many forum owners are making is that they are not getting their community engaged enough and eventually the forum will go downhill. Even large forums with millions of posts face this problem and can end up becoming dead forums with no active members. You have been very open with your plans for Forum Promotion over the last few weeks, both with members and staff. Do you advise other administrators who use Forum Promotion to use similar strategies with their own websites? This is a good question. Different administrators like to take different approaches. The reason why I keep my plans open is because the community builds up the forum and I want everyone to get involved in important decisions. Whilst the administrative team will make the final decision, we want you to have a say. I recommend administrators on other forums do this, as it encourages members to be more involved in the community. It is also important to listen to what members say. What other advise do you for webmasters who use this forum? Make the most use of Forum Promotion by regularly posting offers and updates for your website. Members will be more likely to join your site if they see something interesting happening on your website. Another effective way of promoting your website is to engage with the community and participate in discussions. Once people get to know you, they will more likely join your site and help you out and that will make a different. Thank you very much for doing this interview! Do you have any final comments? Good luck with your website!
Thank you for reading! The ForumPromotion Editorial Team

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