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Welcome to Forum Promotion: Our Community Driven Boards

Hello there! In this edition of welcoming you to our forum, I would like to focus somewhat on the forums that you as a member, can participate in and trade with our fellow users alike! After all, if you are going to become part of Forum Promotion, you need to integrate with the community, and participate in everything that the members do! Ok, so what would be considered the community sections of FP? Well I will tell you. The community sections are the Member to Member Category, the Managing Online Forums & Websites category, and the Non-Promotion section. Lets talk about the Member to Member section first.

The Member to Member Section

Here in the Member to Member Category, you have many selections you can choose from to participate with your fellow users. As the first choice, you have what we call, The Exchange Central as the first actual board in this category. In this board, you can do typical free exchanges with other users. That is, you can exchange posts for posts, comments, user registrations, and affiliate images for most free user to user exchanges. Inside the Exchange Central board, you have one sub-board in it called the Forum Cash Exchanges. Here you can literally exchange whatever you want as a service, by charging for it via our Forum Cash. Or, if you don't want to charge people, you can participate in the already maintained FP threads that are posted there! Some will pay you Forum Cash to do things, others will charge you if you want to pay them according to their prices for things that they may request. It is a good idea to look into the stickies in this board to see what you can learn from them, so that you can get a more basic idea of what is allowed, and what isn't allowed. In the Marketplace Board and sub-boards, you can buy or sell various different items according to what category they happen to be. You can buy or sell posts, domains, forums, and websites. You can charge for graphics that are made, and you can participate in paying for advertising on other people's websites and forums! If you have cash, or if you want to earn cash, this would be a good place to go to, in order to do that. In the Job Center, if you're short on staff on your forum or website, feel free to post a topic advertising it, so that you can find the perfect employee for your site or forum! You can also look for jobs here if you feel like you are up to it. In What is Going on, you will find people posting various different events, and goals that either are happening, or had recently happened at their forum or websites. This can be a good place to go to find out if there are any events that you can participate in. Last but not least, there is a board called Site Battles! Here you can participate in polls that people vote in, to see which forum or website is the better of the two. This is always a good place to go, if you are looking to see what various administrators are doing to get a good looking forum or website that wins. Now lets go to our next category.

The Managing Online Forums & Websites Section

Managing & Monetizing Your Site - This is where you can discuss all aspects of managing and monetizing your website or forum with other webmasters. The Subforums of Managing & Monetizing Your Site are the following: Peer To Peer Reviews, Brainstorming, Promotion Tricks & Help, Website Appraisals. In Peer to Peer Reviews, you can critique other website and forum owners, and give them suggestions on how to improve what they have. In Brainstorming, you can give or receive ideas on how to start forums or websites, and what could be on it. In Promotion Tricks & Help, you will find various tips and tricks that you can use to promote. And in Website Appraisals, you can come and get your website or forum appraised by other members of the forum; meaning, you can come and see what others think the cost of your website or forum could be at, if it is sold off to someone else. Search Engine Optimization - This is where you can discuss all aspects of search engine optimization in this forum, from how to build backlinks to the ins and outs of getting great results in the search engine rankings. Technical Support - If you are running into technical issues, or you know how to fix technical issues, this is the place to be. Graphic Design & Webmaster Forum - This is where you discuss topics related to graphic design, HTML, other website coding and programming. The Subforums of Graphic Design & Webmaster Forum are the following: Graphics Show off & Database, Graphic Tutorials, Webmaster & Coding Tutorials. In the Graphics Show off &Database sub-board, you can show off your graphics for feedback, or to release them for public use. There are plenty of categories you can choose from when adding, or would like to use from in this board. There are categories for banners, rank images, smilies, themes and skins, avatars, and miscellanies items that do not have a spot in one of the other categories. In the Graphic Tutorials Sub-Board, you can read or submit tutorials on how to make various graphics. Finally in Webmaster and Coding Tutorials, you can post any coding and web development tutorials you may have in this forum. And last but not least, the Non-Promotion section!

The Non-Promotion Section

Computers & The Internet In the Computers & The Internet board, you can discuss hardware, software, websites and much more here. This is a good way to learn what you can do with various hardware, software, websites, and anything else that you can think of relating to the computer world! Remember, this isn't the place to talk about managing online forums or websites, we already have a section for that as stated above. Media Discussions In the Media Discussions board, you can talk about all types of media here like music, TV, films and games if it doesn't already have a board to discuss it in. The Subforums for a little bit more focused discussion, are The YouTube Corner and Gaming Zone. Sporting Discussions In the Sporting Discussions board, you can have discussions about any type of sport with other members here. This can be official sports, international sports, or hobbies! Intellectual Talk Last but not least, you can talk about anything else here in the Intellectual Talk board! So that you can take a break from promoting and participate in some friendly discussion. The Subforums for this board are the Debate Corner, Humour Corner, and Forum Fun. Please explore these forums, since they will help you out in the long run of gaining members to your forum or website!

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