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Welcome to Forum Promotion. What Now?

Welcome to Forum Promotion! This article, is written in the hopes that you will better learn what you can do here at Forum Promotion. Granted, no article is fool proof, but I hope that you will learn something from this, and learn how to better accustom yourself to the community. What is Forum Promotion? Forum Promotion, is a forum dedicated in providing you access to services, that can better your forum, website and blog. How so? There are plentiful of services that are provided here, that if used correctly, will help you on your future endeavors to get out in the world of the internet! What is Offered Here? We offer the following to our users, provided by our staff: A Promotion Directory, a posting service called Posting Packages, Review Headquarters, Signature Advertising, Text Advertising, Featured Sites, Social Advertising, the Auction House, informational articles posted here on this blog by users and staff members alike, and many other things! Each of the above, is provided by various teams, that are focused to filling each request! That is, except that of the blog staff. But that is a entirely different subject of discussion. An another service that is available, but by your fellow users, is the Member to Member Exchanges. That is where you can buy or sell services or items. You can also participate in exchanges that can be mutually beneficial to both you, and the person you decide to participate with! What Are Posting Packages? Posting packages are an excellent way to get new content and members for your forum or blog! The trained Package Team delivers only the best posts, threads, and blog comments for your website or forum. The requirements to request the packages are based on the package size, and are reasonable. Most forums and websites should be able to request most packages, unless they literally just opened, and do not have any content whatsoever. But don't let that prevent you from requesting this service! It should be easy to get the required amount of activity if you put in the time to get it! What is The Review Headquarters? The Review Headquarters, is where you can go to get feedback on your forum, blog or website. Here, you will get tips to improve it, and make it more appealing to your members and guests! The more thorough the review, the more they will give tips on what you can do to work on bettering your website! What is the Signature Advertising? The Signature Advertising, is a advertising service provided by Forum Promotion. It allows you to put a text ad into the signature of the Team Leaders of every team on the forum and the Administrators, for the length of a week. These Team Leaders and Administrators are an active part of the community, so your text ad gets seen quite the bit over the course of just an hour! This in itself can result in quite the few clicks in a week! Who wouldn't want to have this form of simple advertising, in the signatures of the people who do their best to make sure that the forum runs smoothly? What is Text Advertising? The Text Advertising service allows you to have an affiliate image, and a short description about your site displayed at the bottom of the forum for one (1) week. This is located on the index of the forum. These ads generally on the average gets clicked on between 50 to 100 times in the course of the week that they are seen on the bottom of the index. What is Featured Sites? The Featured Site service allows you to have a screenshot of your site, along with a short description displayed next to the quick reply feature for one (1) week. Generally speaking, this is seen by quite the number of pageviews. You will no doubt get plenty of visitors by using this prime spot in each topic! What is Social Advertising? The Social Advertising service allows you to have a message of your choice tweeted by Forum Promotion's Official Twitter account. The tweet will permanently be added to our Twitter feed. What is The Auction House? The Auction House is where you will find various things you can get, if you have the Forum Cash for it. Mind you, this is a forum where you are bidding to get certain prizes, so you would need to have a recommended 1000-2000 FP to be able to usually win one of the prizes found in this board. Though from past experience, the more expensive the item via real cash that is offered (and a number of the items found in this board normally are sold for real cash), the more FP Cash you are expected to have to be able to win some of these prizes. So, if you expect to get something from here, please save up the Forum Cash you earn to be able to do so. What is the Blog? The blog, is what you are currently visiting. Here at the blog, we have articles that can help you learn how to better your experience in running or making forums or websites. Right now, a large number of the articles have been contributed by previous staff members, current staff members, current and past members, and guest contributors of the forum. Here at the blog, it is actually recommended that if you know how to do something, or you learned something from past experience, that you go ahead and submit an article to us, so that you can help others out! The blog is supposed to be used as a resource for our members and guests. Without articles, this blog would be non existent! We rely on our members, just as much as our staff, to write articles for this blog. If you think that you can help out, you can submit. If not, you still can go ahead and provide comments on articles you are reading! After all, who wouldn't like to get an article commented on, if it has helped someone, or it has good ideas, or just needs a few extra ideas to make a better article in the future? The End I hope you have enjoyed reading this! I hope this have given you an idea of what Forum Promotion offers to it's users who decide to be a member here! There are more things that are offered to our members here at Forum Promotion, and those items deal more along the lines of regular members helping other members out with things! I will be covering that in a future article! So stay tuned!

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