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Wysija: Making Newsletters Easier

It took me forever before I decided to create a newsletter, mainly because I didn’t know which company I should go with to manage it. After months of contemplation and reading, I decided I would go with Wysija.
I never ran a Newsletter before, and while I heard great things about Mailchimp I wanted something that would be incredibly easy to use. I didn’t want to fuss with a bunch of options, and just needed something to get the job done. And guess what? Wysija does just that, but it also does a lot more! So, what can you find in Wysija? Wysija Drag DropDrag & Drop Visual Editor Appearance is everything. I didn’t want to be that one guy sending out an ugly newsletter, and thanks to Wysija... I’m not. In almost no time, I’m able to select a theme, change a few styling options, import some posts, and make everything look nice. It’s so easy, I bet you could probably do it blindfolded if you were forced to. Thanks to their drag & drop visual editor I’m able to create a newsletter that not only looks nice, but is also able to get through Andraž Rihtar’s harsh inspection.
Statistics for Each Newsletter I won’t deny it. I’m addicted to statistics, and I must know how people respond to things. So, I’m very happy to say that Wysija tracks the amount of opened, unopened, clicks, and unsubscribes that a newsletter gets. Also, If you get the premium version, then you can also see what gets clicked. But yeah, if you’re like me and must know what people do when they get your newsletter then don’t worry... Wysija has your back!
Widgets and Shortcodes to Add Forms Anywhere! Wysija comes packed with some shortcodes, and widgets that allows you to pretty much place your Wysija subscription forms anywhere. While I’m sure any other service offers this, I think it’s something to mention for those who are worried about messing with code.
Control If you need to have control over your lists, and how they are sent then Wysija is perfect for you. With Wysija you can easily import, and export any list of subscribers. You’re also able to control whether you want your newsletter sent by your own website, gmail, or even a third party SMTP provider. So really you can always switch away from Wysija if you’re not happy with their plugin/service.
And You Get Much More! Here’s a complete list of Wysija Features (Free version):
  • Send posts automatically, like Subscribe2 or MailChimp’s RSS-to-Email.
  • Schedule your newsletter to be sent in the future.
  • Autoresponders.
  • Possibility to add first name, last name.
  • Edit the HTML of your text blocks.
  • Over 30 free themes (templates) with Photoshop files.
  • Subscribe when submitting a comment in a post.
  • Let users choose their own lists when they subscribe.
  • Import subscribers from MailChimp, Aweber, etc.
  • 1 click import from Tribulant, MailPress, Subscribe2, etc.
  • Export your subscribers in CSV.
  • Sync with WordPress users. On Multisite, you can sync with all users.
  • Single or double opt-in (with or without activation email).
More Reviewing As mentioned above, this is the first newsletter plugin that I have used so I have no experiences to compare it to. Still, I can confidently say that Wysija is probably one of the top Wordpress newsletter plugins. Almost everything about Wysija is perfect: Installing Wysija is dead easy, because it’s done like any other plugin. After installing, setting up everything can be done in a matter of minutes. Making a newsletter only requires a few drags and clicks. It’s easy to notice that Wysija has undoubtedly made making a newsletter easy for anyone who can use a mouse and breathe and that’s what I love about it. Wysija lets me run the newsletter people want without taking extra time out of my day. Complaints and Suggestions Still, while I praise Wysija as if it were a God I still have a couple complaints and suggestions. My main complaint is about pricing. I’m currently using the free version, but I have been wanting to upgrade for quite some time now. The problem is, I’m not the type of individual to throw a yearly lump sum at a company, and I much prefer paying monthly. Nine dollars USD would not only be affordable, but would beat Mailchimps monthly plan as well. I really don’t get why Wysija doesn’t offer a monthly plan, because most other companies do. Still, if they were to add a monthly plan then I’d be quite the happy camper... Another complaint is how they don’t have an affiliate system. I have already recommended Wysija to people because it’s a great plugin, but it certainly would be nice if there was a convenient way to track how many people I’ve sent their way... and to earn a couple pennies doing it. Every other online company that is selling a product has an affiliate system so it’s kind of strange to see that Wysija doesn’t have one.

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