You Shouldn’t Rely On ThemeForest For Your Project

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You Shouldn’t Rely On ThemeForest For Your Project

Envato Market is a collection of websites where you can purchase a variety of things to help with your online projects including website templates, plugins and graphics. The most popular marketplace is one that a lot of people will already know about – ThemeForest. But as good as it sounds, you really shouldn’t rely on ThemeForest to build your online project. But why is that?

  1. They all look the same

Now, this is not always a problem for everyone. With millions of websites out there, it’s likely that your website is going to look somewhat similar to another one no matter how unique you try to make it. But with a template that you purchase from ThemeForest, your website is going to look exactly like the other websites that have been built using it.

Some of the themes that have been purchased have over 500,000 sales and that means there are 500,000 sites that look exactly like yours.

  1. Coded Poorly

You’ve found a beautiful theme and tried the demo. It’s great. You decide to purchase it and finally get a first look at the back end. Sometimes you will just get a theme that has been coded so poorly that it frustrates you to both use it and manage it. And that’s without the hundreds of plugins that some of these themes rely on and simply not having one of them, can break your whole theme.

  1. Lack of support & assistance

Now, this is not true for all developers that sell their products on ThemeForest. However, if you’re unlucky enough to purchase a theme and encounter a problem, you may well be stuck if the developer is slow to respond or refuses to fix your issue. And of course, ThemeForest isn’t going to help you out much because their refund policy is almost non-existent after you download the product.

  1. Content Removal

Did you know that themes can be removed from ThemeForest without any notice? Whilst it hasn’t happened to me with a theme, it did happen to me with a graphic I purchased on another Envato Marketplace. I have the license for it on my account, but I can’t download it anymore which means I’m lost access to something I paid for.

And no, you won’t get a refund for this either.

So what alternatives are there?

Sometimes, there really is no alternative other than going for a theme on ThemeForest. But if you have some experience of coding or have the funds to do so, it may be worthwhile extending your deadline slightly and having a custom-coded solution for your project.

You could also potentially go outside of ThemeForest to find a solution. However, don’t expect to find much, especially in the case of WordPress, where it seems that most developers like to sell their product on ThemeForest.

Have you ever encountered any issues with your ThemeForest purchases? Or have you always had a good experience? Share your experience in the comments below.

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