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Zadoxis Social Media Services - Review Spotlight

Image Full Review by Twisted Fairytale

As a forenote, I want to say that I expect this review to be unfortunately short. I have looked over Zadoxis thoroughly and I have nothing but praise and a few suggestions. I remember that Cody and I spoke a little, and he asked me to look for things that he could "do differently." Honestly, there isn't much, but let's see! In addition, the Statistics and Activity section has been removed due to the inability to remove it. Therefore, I'll provide a percentage at the end! Image First Impressions & Appearance – (17 out of 20) Wow. From the first second loading the page, elements start swooping in to create a beautiful graphic right in front of my eyes. It's very interactive and layered in a way that adds depth to the whole page. It's rather beautiful. It puts off a very laid back and relaxed setting that seems comforting to anyone who may be out to buy these social services. I really enjoy this because many websites think they have to look "spick and span," in order to look nice, while Zadoxis is an example that you can look fun and nice at the same time! Cody asked me to point out things that you can change. I really can't find anything, but I do have a question of some sorts. I see this image...
...and it makes me wonder if Zadoxis actually has a iPad app or what's going on? If they do, that's super sweet, but I'm not sure why that would be practical. If not, why do you have that image? Could Zadoxis not substitute it with something that doesn't repeat the theme they already have above? Something to think about! Overall though, Zadoxis shows a super playful but beautifully interactive appearance that immediately draws me in. It's hard to award Zadoxis anything under a 17! Image Site Layout – (19 out of 20) Zaxodis uses six primary pages on their website: Home, Instagram, Pintrest, Vine, Twitter, and a Contact page. All of these are accessible from a floating bar at the top of the page. The navigation is very, very simple; which equals good! One of the biggest mistakes people make is making their navigation way too complicated to the point where users can't navigate around the site effectively. I'm going to make a quick cheat here and quote what my rubric says is a well laid out website: "The site layout ranges from exceptionally organized to completely and totally organized. The site is totally uncluttered and extremely well laid-out. Navigation is very logical, making navigation overall a breeze." This is honestly how I would describe Zadoxis. The navigation is very easy, and if I needed to find something, it's hard to get lost with six pages. One idea that I had: when you purchase a service from Zadoxis, you select the service, put in one field, and pay. Well, what happens when you can't complete the service for some reason? You only have the PayPal email to go off of, but what if they don't use it? Why not create another "order" page where users can provide more details in case of a problem. It would give your potential users a sense of security, instead of being blasted off to the payment, and could possibly increase the sales of Zadoxis. Just a theory! Other than that, the layout is just about flawless. With that suggestion, I'm scoring it a 19. Image Content – (16 out of 20) The content of Zadoxis relies on how much information it gives the customers or interested users and getting them to purchase the product. I mentioned above how Zadoxis only has six pages on their website. While one could take this as having not a lot of content at all, Zadoxis carefully places just about everything you could image on each page in an organized manner. On the average product page, they provide a summary of what the service does, testimonials, and the prices & ordering. Honestly, there isn't much for me to say here (like the rest of the review), but I would like to see more information about your services in detail. Like I suggested, perhaps a page between "Order" and payment for users to get some "down to earth" information on the packages; what they actually entail, how fast they're ordered, where they can contact you just in case something goes wrong. Just more general information about the services would be very beneficial, in my opinion. Other than that, the content seems very informative and sufficient for the matter at hand. While I would like to see more information, a user could decide on your services without it. Therefore, I award 16 points for sufficient information. Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – (17 out of 20) I'll start with professionalism real quickly. One thing everyone needs to remember is that a site can be professional in many ways. They can have a clean cut theme, use nice terms, and have beautiful rules and staff. However, they can also, like Zadoxis, have a beautiful, relaxed feeling to it. While I mentioned (in the appearance section) how the theme seems a bit playful, it's a very professionally playful theme. If my words don't relay this (which I'm trying very hard), go take a look at a page such as CNN, then at Zadoxis. They both have two seperate ways to express their professionalism. From what I can see, there are little to no spelling mistakes hanging around, and everything seems to tie together nicely. In short: I wouldn't be able to tell Zadoxis from a truly professional service that provides the same product. Good news! It means you may actually be one of those professionals. Therefore, I'm given no choice but to score Zadoxis 17 points for professionalism.
Total Score - (69 out of 80 - 86%)

Final Remarks: Zadoxis is indistinguishable from any professional service of it's kind. The appearance is catchy and enjoyable. There are little to no mistakes and I had nothing but praise and the few suggestions I've mentioned. It's honestly one of the best sites I've seen designed and run by a member of Forum Promotion. Enjoy the spotlight! Image Strengths: - Beautiful, catchy appearance - "March to your own drum," Your professionalism is personally inspired and unique - Your lack of pages does not constitute a lack of content - it's provided in a beautiful manner and can only be improved Image Weaknesses: - I couldn't judge the Statistics and Activity :P

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