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Many of us start a message forum because it’s a hobby, and it is fun to create a community from scratch to watch it grow. But isn’t it a fair assumption to be okay with the fact that we would love to earn a little bit of profit with our forum? We are putting our money into hosting, the domain, and sometimes even the software and everything that goes with it after all, right? We should at least be able to earn that money back. But then again, we should be able to profit from the forum and make it...

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We want to wish you a special, happy new year moving forward in 2021! The last year has brought many changes for every country - as we're sure you know, there has been the coronavirus / COVID-19, controversial elections, Brexit, and more. However, many great things have happened both offline and online too! We have seen our members expand their websites, earn more money online, and connect in new ways. As humankind, we have prevailed in the face of a global pandemic, among many other challenges. Although there are many still struggling, the internet has once again shown strength and...

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Starting a project of any sort may be difficult for some, and easier for others. However, you should have reasonable expectations and a proper plan no matter how much effort or time you intend to pour into a website, app, business, art, writing, or any other project. More importantly, you should always be okay with asking yourself, "is this worth it?" and not feel bad if you decide a project is not worth continuing. Keep reading to hear my morning thoughts (perhaps a ramble of sorts) on the importance of planning ahead, knowing when to quit, and the benefits of...

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This upcoming Monday on November 30, 2020 it is Cyber Monday! If you are unfamiliar with the all day event, it is the internet's version of Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving in the United States is called Black Friday and many retailers and companies offer significant discounts to drive sales. Customers flock to stores of all types to get the best deals and stock up on anything they personally need, gifts for the holidays or upcoming events, and more. On Cyber Monday many online stores offer crazy discounts on popular products to drive e-commerce sales higher. You can get...

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Forum administrators and site owners should be careful when publishing any sort of public political statement. It is all too easy to get invested in politics to the point of debating, or even arguing. There are times when one side of any issue can be considered factual, with opposing arguments perhaps lacking any facts, evidence, or convincing theories. Those can be the most troubling to deal with for any moderator, whether they are in a televised debate or handling post reports on an online community board. It's important to understand the difference between providing a good user experience for your...

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