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In the first article, I looked at the issues associated with earning money from your forum and Adsense as a solution to this. In this article, I will explore Private Advertising. Private advertising is where buyers purchase ad spaces "directly" from the buyer (but often using a marketplace middleman). They may purchase a set amount of impressions/clicks or they may choose to pay a flat monthly fee to buy an ad slot on your forum. Private advertising gives you control over who can advertise on your site. You have the ability to restrict your site to reputable advertisers only. Selling...

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Forum owners often struggle to find ways to earn a decent and fair amount off of their forums. Every so often, I see naïve posts by young webmasters believing that they can easily start banking money from their planned board. This is not the case at all. As the majority of ForumPromotion members understand, foruming is one of the toughest internet niches to be involved in, both from a marketing and a revenue perspective. From the advertisers point of view, forum ads often represent a poor return on investment. Forums tend to achieve a high number of impressions and page...

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Being successful as a webmaster is one of the greatest feelings for any webmaster. There are thousands of webmasters in the web, but not every one of them is successful. Being a successful webmaster requires hard work, dedication, skills, and patience - without these four elements, a webmaster can never find success. In this article, we will determine what makes a webmaster successful. A successful webmaster needs to have the following 5 characteristics: Passionate A webmaster needs to be passionate about his/her website. Without passion, it is hard for him/her to obtain success. Passion cannot be seen from the outside,...

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Have you every tried to think, what will I do when my website or forum will get a hundred fold more visitors than I currently have? I myself never had planned such a thing, but it did happen to one of our clients who used our chatting solution FreiChat. Caching was not at all an option as messages had to reach in real time, so the only option was to increase the hardware infrastructure. So we decided to take the next logical step, i.e., to introduce a new database configured as “slave” to the “master” database. This is because a...

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Welcome to the first segment in the new series I call "Member Spotlights." In this series, we will interview different members of Forum Promotion, asking them questions about their experience in the community. I'll be picking users throughout the forum randomly, so hopefully we can meet some great people! This week, we have dragonborn99! Dragonborn is currently the administrator of RPG Lounge and has around 1,700 posts here on Forum Promotion. He began working as an administrator last year on an old gaming website that has since shut down. In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, gaming, and role...

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