FP$ Cash Information

On Forum Promotion, we have our own currency commonly referred to as “FP cash”. It is the one and only way you can request official services such as our packages and reviews. In each service forum, you’ll see a large red box with information regarding how to request the service, and how much FP Cash is required. Once you request the service and it has been added, a Team Leader will deduct the relevant amount of FP Cash from your account as payment for the service.

Some may ask, do you earn FP cash when you post around the forum? The answer is yes, you do earn for posting around our forum. The general amounts you earn are as follows:

  • Posting a New Topic will earn you 4 FP Cash
  • Replying to a Topic will earn you 2 FP Cash

Other popular methods of earning FP Cash include: Completing Post Exchanges with other members, providing Graphics for people in the Graphics Exchange or taking part in some of the user-held competitions or even participating in the Official FP Lottery. Our “Forum Cash Exchanges” section is worth checking out if you’re after some quick and easy FP Cash.

Also, if you are interested in buying or selling your FP Cash for real money, we allow this in our Miscellaneous Marketplace board.

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