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My Top 3 Free Forum Hosting Sites

Today in this article, I will be discussing my pick of the Top Three Free Forum Hosting websites that you can use to host your forum. I have used my time to try out and test the services the following has to offer. I do have my favorites and I will explain why in this article. Continue reading

The Lack of Passion

I joined the web community back in 2006. This is where the internet was still a fairly new thing. High speed internet had just erupted over the web and people were going wild. Websites started spewing up all over the internet and it was great. I can’t even remember how many successful forums I’ve seen over my years, which will be 10 this coming year, that were run so well. So what’s happened to forums over the years? Continue reading

5 Key Methods to Retain Visitors on Your Website

Nowadays, retention is key! People who keep coming back on your website are more likely to share your website and you become more popular. Most websites lack the follow key methods to retain those awesome visitors that will share about your website. Here are my top 5 key methods to retain visitors on your website. Continue reading

Creating a Staff Member Experience

In order to motivate staff, a Forum Administrator must craft their staff members’ experience to appeal to what staff members want and expect. Deep down, any staff member who is not being paid for their work is instead given a position of authority over the community, which itself can be a form of payment. Every person wants to have authority, and to be an important member of a community. This is especially true for Forum Administrators and Moderators. There are a number of things which a Forum Administrator can do to appeal to this built-in sense of ambition which every person has within them. Continue reading

Guide for New Members of Various Forums

You are probably wondering, I’m not new to the world of online forums! But perhaps there might have just been someone who has just leaped into it! This guide is designed to advise new members, on the various items and features of forums you may come across. These are general tips, in the which may not apply to very type of community, due to each one being different in their own way. Continue reading

Forum Promotion’s Forum Cash: Finding a Value Part 1 – Value Based Off of Posting

With Forum Promotion updating it’s rules, services and it’s software, Forum Promotion has decided to remove the restriction on the buying and selling of FP Cash, because it just didn’t seem like a rule that was doing the forum any good, on restricting people from being able to sell something that is deemed to have very little value.

FP Cash, as just a forum currency and without any monetary backing, Continue reading

Site Battles Madness – Interview with Pandaa

Sorry for the delay on the second interview regarding the Site Battles in our March Madness, replies to the interviews took longer than expected.

I would like to thank Pandaa for agreeing to this interview. He is part of the Community Team, and helped monitor the site battles.

The questions I asked, are in bold. His responses are italicized.

Out of all of the announcements in the March Madness, which were you excited for?

I was very excited for the reordering of the forum to finally be put into place. It was long overdue and we put so much time and effort into making it happen. I’ve always felt like FP was confusing to newcomers, and condensing the board should help a little bit more in the future.

What was your duty or role in the Site Battles?

I helped with setting up the battles in most of the rounds, and I was in charge of paying people for their votes. The whole tournament wouldn’t run without Jack, that’s for sure. However, I know he’s a pretty busy guy and so I just tried to be there for anything that he might not have had time for!

Out of all the site battles that you observed while it was going, which did you enjoy the best?

Tough question! I really enjoyed the Open Carnage vs. Atrium Forum debate. I didn’t know it at the time obviously, but it ended up essentially being this year’s winner vs. last year’s winner. If I’m not mistaken, it ended up with the most total votes in any battle as well (84 votes!).

Which forum do you think had the potential to win but didn’t, due to various circumstances?

I’d have to say FeedbackExchange. Going against a forum like Open Carnage is going to be tough in any round, but FE made it so far in the tournament without so much as a challenge. Sinon has created a really nice forum, and just to make it to the final four out of all the sites on FP is quite the accomplishment. :)

For those sites or forums you voted for, what did you personally use as a judge to vote for those you voted for?

I mainly used the site’s activity and my first impression of it to gauge who was the winner. I can’t really think of a time where there wasn’t a clear winner, in my mind.

I noticed your forum got into the second round of voting, what do you think could have helped your forum out, in the second battle that you ended up loosing?

I really haven’t put much time into my site in quite a while. I need to restart it back up again, but I’d say activity was probably my biggest downfall.

Which forum would you have liked to go against, out of the forums that were in the battle?

Hmm, not sure exactly! Any gaming site other than Open Carnage? Hahaha!

When next year rolls around, do you think you would like to participate in the Site Battles again, either as a participant, or as staff?

Definitely! As long as I’m around, you can expect me to have a part in it!

I am thankful for the time spend for this interview. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below!

SBM Champion: Open Carnage Forums

Today, we at Forum Promotion would like to celebrate with Tucker933, who owns Open Carnage Forums, in which Open Carnage has won the Championship to the 2015 Forum Promotion Site Battle Madness! Congratulations Tucker933!

As the winner to the Site Battle Madness, he got a number of prizes, Continue reading

Interview with Web Designer Ramona Iftode

The following article was originally posted on The Infinity Program. After the forum closed down, the administrator, Medora, a long-time member for Forum Promotion, graciously submitted this article to the blog. Below is the full text of the article. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy!

– Cosmic / Sinon. Editorial Team Leader. Forum Promotion.


Ramona Iftode is a web designer. In 2002, she created, a Karate website in Romanian and the first website she designed. Miss Iftode started designing Continue reading