How to set up a phpBB Forum

In this Article, I will be showing how to set up the basics of your forum. If you follow this Article correctly, your forum should be set up in no time. After your installing phpBB, you should see this page. [IMG][/IMG] During installation of phpBB, you would of choose a username and password. Click login… Continue reading How to set up a phpBB Forum

Make Money With A Blog – Whether You Write Or Not

Blogs have become very popular and people are making plenty of money with them. The truth is anyone can [b][i]Make Money With A Blog[/i][/b] if you know how. A blog is basically an interactive website that you write on a continual basis. Usually it is about a subject that you are passionate about, maybe something… Continue reading Make Money With A Blog – Whether You Write Or Not

New XenForo Theme

I’m sure I speak on behalf of the entire Forum Promotion team that we are glad to hear the positive feedback that we got from switching from phpBB over to XenForo. One of the biggest suggestions we got was regarding the XenForo theme we used. Although the Forum Promotion team did their best to keep… Continue reading New XenForo Theme

My Top 3 Free Forum Hosting Sites

Today in this article, I will be discussing my pick of the Top Three Free Forum Hosting websites that you can use to host your forum. I have used my time to try out and test the services the following has to offer. I do have my favorites and I will explain why in this… Continue reading My Top 3 Free Forum Hosting Sites

The Lack of Passion

I joined the web community back in 2006. This is where the internet was still a fairly new thing. High speed internet had just erupted over the web and people were going wild. Websites started spewing up all over the internet and it was great. I can’t even remember how many successful forums I’ve seen… Continue reading The Lack of Passion

5 Key Methods to Retain Visitors on Your Website

Nowadays, retention is key! People who keep coming back on your website are more likely to share your website and you become more popular. Most websites lack the follow key methods to retain those awesome visitors that will share about your website. Here are my top 5 key methods to retain visitors on your website.