Extension Name: Caramel: Virtual Cash
Author: Forum Promotion Development Team

Extension Description: Adds a virtual cash system to your board.
Extension Version: 1.0.0 (RC)


  • ACP-configurable cash system that allows users to earn and exchange points.
  • Increments can currently be configured for new topics and posts.
  • Allows configuration of cash increments for individual forums.
  • Allows users to donate cash to other users. (links not yet available in profile)
  • MCP module for Managing User Cash.
  • UCP Donation Logs
  • Can earn points for each day that they visit (login increment).
  • Configurable random bonus increments, with toggleable notifications.
  • Tip button on posts, allowing users to quickly donate to one another.
  • (future) Configurable tax on donations.

In the future, we also plan on pushing out separate Shop and Lottery extensions.

Bitbucket Repo:
(We welcome pull requests and additions to the Issue Tracker! :))


Extension Download:
Download RC Release

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