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Premium Xenforo Theme for Free? Themehouse’s ACE

If you’re involved in the forum-space, you’ve likely heard of Xenforo’s ThemeHouse, one of the leading theme developers for the Xenforo forum software. Now you can get a ThemeHouse theme, normally worth $100, absolutely free. Want to know more? Read on!


Introducing ACE

AC.UI (ACE) is built with a tried-and-true UI.X framework for XenForo 2. Themehouse have deliberated and meticulously fine-tuned AC.UI until it is truly the most modern and ideal interface for communities and no detail is missed. Every front size was optimized for legibility, every padding was considered, navigation for mobile devices was completely re-worked, and more were altered from base XenForo for the best user experience and discoverability.

The theme is Themehouse’s new offering, built from the successful UI.X theme-line, and is avaliable for Xenforo 2.


How can I get ACE free?

ACE is currently being offered free for a limited period of time.

To download, simply head to, click download and then ensure you create a free account with Themehouse. After creating your account click the ‘Use discount code’ box, and enter the following code:



You will then be able to download ACE, absolutely free and avoid the $100 usual price! To activate simply enter your forum URL in the license page, and your theme will be activated.


Did you find this tutorial useful? Planning on using ACE for your forum? Let us know in the comments below and showcase your forums to us!

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