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    #JoshuaFarrell is #awesomesause.

    #JoshuaFarrell is #awesomesause.
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  3. Joshua Farrell

    What was your first forum software?

    The first software I used for my own forum, was ProBoards V3, and that version was terrible. I did love the heck out of that bulky hard to work with version of ProBoards, as I did do some of my initial best forum creation on that modified version of YABB. #JoshuaFarrell
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    Joshua Farrell's New Ask Me Thread

    My last thread hit almost a thousand replies, so I decided that that was more than adequate, and time to start a fresh new thread. Ask away! #JoshuaFarrell
  5. Joshua Farrell

    Happy Birthday to netsavy006

    @netsavy006 has been quietly lurking lately, and I forgot to make this thread earlier to say happy birthday. Happy Birthday Netsavy006! #JoshuaFarrell
  6. Joshua Farrell

    Staff Promotions Thread

    Forgot to mention, @Malcolmjr96 is our Tech Guy. :) #Malcolm #Techwork
  7. Joshua Farrell

    Post/Cash Achievements 5.0

    I hit 16,666 posts: #JoshuaFarrell
  8. Joshua Farrell

    Ask empire "anything"

    If you had a choice between 25,000 in cash every month, or a one time lump sum of 250 million, which would you take? #JoshuaFarrell
  9. Joshua Farrell

    Paid - $ Seeking Paid Moderator or Paid Admin Work

    If anyone is looking for a Mod TL, Moderator or Administrator, feel free to look up both my hobby costs and my fulltime costs! #JoshuaFarrell
  10. Joshua Farrell

    Buying signatures.

    @Jerlene, if you are still interested in this, I am willing to add your link to my signature for 150 FP for a month. #JoshuaFarrell
  11. Joshua Farrell

    Giving FP $ For Posting At A Forum.

    @BestForums, are you still doing this? If so, I am willing to post. :) #JoshuaFarrell
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    Looks like someone needs attention. Does @Princess MeowsePad need to have more fun? #JoshuaFarrell
  13. Joshua Farrell

    Completed JoyFreak vs CodeForum (CodeForum)

    Both good choices, voted. Best of luck! #JoshuaFarrell
  14. Joshua Farrell

    Completed Nightly Frights vs. BaysideGamers (Nightly Frights)

    @ChrisGrigg, tie breaking vote from me would go towards Nightly Frights! #JoshuaFarrell
  15. Joshua Farrell

    #JoshuaFarrell Good question. #Cameron should know.

    #JoshuaFarrell Good question. #Cameron should know.
  16. Malcolmjr96

    #RemoveTagPerms #JoshuaFarrell

    #RemoveTagPerms #JoshuaFarrell
  17. Malcolmjr96

    #BanTheHashTag #JoshuaFarrell

    #BanTheHashTag #JoshuaFarrell
  18. Joshua Farrell

    #JoshuaFarrell or what?

    #JoshuaFarrell or what?
  19. Joshua Farrell

    A wild #JoshuaFarrell was here!

    A wild #JoshuaFarrell was here!