Usage for hash tag: stopImmatureHashtags

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    #stopImmatureHashtags represents using mature hashtags properly. use #stopImmatureHashtags if...

    #stopImmatureHashtags represents using mature hashtags properly. use #stopImmatureHashtags if you agree. You can use #stopImmatureHashtags on posts or profile comments!
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    ...the solution to people misusing the hashtags is to remove hashtags. I think the real answer is for people to use them properly. #stopImmatureHashtags is a great example of a hashtag that doesn't advertise a site or user, promotes a positive community change, and is relevant. We can all use...
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    Feedback Hashtags

    ...tweets on their website, making tweets with a bunch of random symbols doesn't contribute to the actual discussion about tweets. Yes, your posts are technically related to hashtags because you used hashtags in your replies, but you didn't actually contribute to the discussion...