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Forum Promotion, meet Code Forum
Hello Forum Promotion, I would like to showcase the community that I built. I built Code Forum with intention of helping myself and others learn to code. Without the feeling that you are asking a stupid question and or even feel ashamed for not know something that everyone else did. No matter what skill level you are, you are always more than welcomed to come to Code Forum to learn, build and share. Code Forum was founded in October of 2018 and had been striving ever since, at the time of the creation of this thread we have about 300 registered members and growing every single day. We now have over 1,500+ registered members! We call our 'members' coders. It's unique to Code Forum.

About our staff
Since we've grown as a community, so has our team. We currently have five staff members and counting (including myself). We all possess different roles that we strategically planned to help grow and maintain the community. My role consists of many different areas, although we all responsible for moderating the community. A staff member is more or so the lead of this particular area. As mentioned above, we currently have three staff members (not including myself) with roles.

How does it work
We want coders to feel comfortable and like they belong at Code Forum. Coders aren't just part of Code Forum. They are Code Forum. When a coder comes to Code Forum looking for help, they are encouraged to use a format that is easy to understand for who is trying to answer their question. We offer a more advanced BBCode feature that allows the coder to select the particular language that they want to share their code. It also gives the ability to highlight specific lines in which coders may want to draw other coders' attention to particular pieces of code. There's also a button that allows coders and other coders to copy the code quickly. After the coder receives some replies to their thread and if a solution is provided. The coder can then mark the thread's solution, which will then highlight the post as a green colour.

Any fees
Registration is 100% free, and the posting is 100% free. Coders are free to use Code Forum to help coders out. However, some resources may be offered as paid services, but we do not allow this at the moment.

Has Code Forum helped anyone
Yes! We've had many coders claim that they have found their answer on Code Forum and that it was very friendly and welcoming!

What's unique about Code Forum
All of the coders who are part of Code Forum, of course! Code Forum also has many unique things as well. From rules to services, we strive to be the best Coding and programing forum out there. As mentioned above, Code Forum is a welcoming environment no matter what skill or language the coder knows they'll always be treated like they belong. We have introduced a rule that is helping combat any unwelcoming/negative behaviour that may detour coders from asking or even joining Code Forum. We other rules, but I'll let you go over our Code of Conduct yourself.

We also offer free services that coders can use to test out their code quickly. One of the services we offer is an online IDE for High-level languages which was created by Judge0 that can be found by going to

Our future
Code Forum will continue its current path in regards to its focus. Its focus is to be a question-based community forum, and provide the necessary resources to help coders succeed with their current and future projects. We will also become more active with events, promotions, and social media platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc.
We will also expand on our YouTube Tutorial section as not everyone learns the same way so mixing up the different materials will benefit almost everyone. I had the idea to create a new user group specifically for YouTube coding influencers and give them the ability to post media content (YouTube videos) on their own rather than having me post every single video (however, it will still need to be approved before it can be posted publicly).

Check us out!
You can find us at Code Forum!

And of course, please feel free to offer any constructive feedback! :)

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We officially hit 400 registered members!! Thank you all for supporting Code Forum since day one!
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main (){
    cout << "Hello, Forum Promotion!" << endl;
    return 0;
More Python Tutorials coming soon! :)
Hello everyone!

Come join Code Forum today! And learn how to code with the community :)
Code Forum has passed 500+ registered members! Why don't you take the leap with us?
Did you know you don't have to be a coder to join Code Forum? Yes, that's right! Need help with coding at all, even if it's for changing font colour! So come join us today!
Hi all!

We've been getting lots of activity these last couple of days, with registration to posting! Why not come on Code Forum today?

rave GIF
Will be recreating this thread in the upcoming days :)
Anybody interested in creating tutorials for Code Forum?
I registered a few days back. I found it through google search.
I am currently learning Python, that's why thought it would be good to join. Its a very nice forum.
I registered a few days back. I found it through google search.
I am currently learning Python, that's why thought it would be good to join. Its a very nice forum.
Woo! What's your name on Code Forum?

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