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Oct 6, 2009
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Welcome to Dalton's DeviantArt Page
The Home of The Imagination Universe and Vexin Press Stories
I'm mainly a hobby Traditionalist Artist (pencil & paper) this will not change for seeable future
and also the main hobby as a writer
Also, Dabble in Digital Art and Pixel Art
I mainly specialize in fantasy creative artwork based in my universe or outside the said universe
Also, I Do Reviews and Retrospectives and Overall Thoughts and Lookbacks (on tv shows(this include stream only shows), video games, movies, books) through journals (sometimes)
I'm not currently taking commissions or requests
I do accept constructive criticism

Come & Be My Watcher at DeviantArt!

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Fyrie Trims Adventures v2.0 Updates
Season 8 & 9 Is now finished and now is in the editing phase
Season 10 The Final Season is now in production!
Fyrie Trims Adventures v2.0 Season 10 Is Complete THUS Fyrie Trims Adventure v2.0 IS FINALLY FINISHED
Tbh i thought I would never make it this far
To be honest it was one of the few stories I'm proud of!
Upload Version:
FTA v2.0 Season 10 Is also a small file size it will be combined with season 8 & 9 File
now named FTA v2.0 Seasons 8 - 10
It's currently in the editing phase it hopefully be done by my birthday this week (Saturday)
More Updates For March 2021:

Effective Changes As Follows:

  • Overhauled an old hl2 codes guide and also improved said entry
  • New VP subfolder "Guides"
  • Renamed "Old IU RPG" to "Useless Old Junk"
  • Moved a bunch of things from "My Literature" to "Useless Old Junk"
  • Rename old "The Entire Street Race Story" to "The Street Race Story 2013 - 2019*"
  • Added to that entry description about being "SR" old continuity in case of a reboot
  • Added Entry to "IU Multiverse" Lore Entry
  • Added Disclaimer to "The Icetex Show RPG Season 1"
Updates for April 2021 (1)

Effective Changes As Follows:

  • Added IU Alien Species Folder to the artwork collection folder
  • Updated and Renamed some older entries
  • A base that shared with the same name with different IU species has been renamed with a temporary new name until i can come up with a better one
  • The Old "A Love" base has been its title changed to be more modern look to DJSII current naming scheme
  • Merged 2011-2013 Pixel Artwork Folder with older artwork folder
  • Made Vexin Comics Pixel Comics Archive within pixel art folder and even scrapped concepts!
What Happened to the zataith domain?

I'm reusing it again as my Minecraft server domain again
I really want get back into Minecraft sorry about that


Dragon & Unicorn Season 1 in production
yes second - life (draw world) season 1 is still in production
Minecraft Project is finally in production after much speed bump
Second - Life (Draw World) Scrapped again
I couldn't seem to get off the ground without being a rehash of IRL half-life(which it is in continuity)
The Minecraft Project has made big progress!
Round 1 Pics coming soon!
Fyrie Trims: A New Era Season 1 Now in Production!
BK Comic Part 8 The Finale Part 2/2 is in production
Dragon & Unicorn Season 1 is upload
Fyrie Trims: A New Era Has hit a creative roadblock I can't figure out how to begin the story
i wrote the introduction but i can't seem to write the first couple of words...
(yes it's still in production for now)
Minecraft Project Round 1 Pics Uploaded to the Icetex's Project's Folder
So... i think if stick to an almost daily drawing journal/sketchbook
i should be fine in the path I'm looking for (in theory)
So Writing Resume First Week of June (I needed much need break)
Fyrie Trims: A New Era will return to production soon enough
BK Comic Part 8 The Finale Part 2/2 will be made by at least September or November (hopefully)

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