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Twitch.tv/Lokyr - Streaming shenanigans

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Do you know what happens when a goofball of a weeb with a passion for gaming and connecting with new people streams his gameplay? You get Lokyr. -- I'm Lokyr! (pronounced Lo-key-er), but if you prefer you may call me Gray instead.

I play a variety of games and niches, ranging from MMOs to (J)RPGs to A LOT of Pokémon and other miscellaneous content. I'm all about making people laugh and building a community of goofballs and buds - I encourage you to drop by, join chat and experience the adventures with me!

I look forward to seeing new faces and hopefully getting to know those that drop by. :)

------- Other Socials -------
:penguin: Twitter: Imlokyr :penguin:
:cat: TikTok: Imlokyr :cat:
:artist: Instagram: Imlokyr :artist:

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I followed you. Will check you out soon. Good luck with everything.
I followed you. Will check you out soon. Good luck with everything.
Hey my dude! Sorry I totally missed this, but thank you! You have no idea how much I appreciate you lending me your support by following. :heart:

I'm currently 3 followers away from my current target of 50 followers. So close, but so far away at the same time.

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