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  1. Joshua Farrell
    Joshua Farrell Jordan
    Why so serious?
    1. Joshua Farrell
      Joshua Farrell
      - The Joker
      Aug 22, 2017 at 4:31 AM
  2. Joshua Farrell
    Joshua Farrell
    The Solar Eclipse was pretty cool.
  3. Beyonder
  4. Limpia
    Note: My date of birth is not correct, no big deal, but in case anyone wonders, I am over 64 years old.
    1. Ridley
      It says in the user control panel settings that if your birthday is not correct to contact an Administrator.
      Aug 19, 2017 at 5:02 AM
  5. rehab
    I am a good trainee here
  6. Tommy91
    Always try to better.
  7. Wyvh
    Wyvh ItalianMunchiez
    Hey there, I can. But I seem unable to message you, dunno why
    1. ItalianMunchiez
      Message me on discord SaucyPasta#7513 if you dont have that ill message you on another forum i think your on.
      Aug 16, 2017
  8. ItalianMunchiez
    ItalianMunchiez Wyvh
    Hey if you know how to make logos and a favicon message me I'll pay you fp$
  9. Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    Being unbiased is the new way to being racist (left logic)
  10. TDK
    TDK Grimalkin
    Hey! Thanks for the follow :D
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    2. Grimalkin
      You are most welcome.
      Aug 15, 2017
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  11. Allenafaith
    Hard work always pays off.
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    3. Ridley
      Thank you. By the way. Is Chattrbuzz gone? I went by there last week when I finally got free time and got an error.
      Aug 16, 2017
    4. Allenafaith
      Yeah not sure what happened to it lol I gave up on it and then it disappeared
      Aug 21, 2017 at 2:57 AM
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    5. Ridley
      Thanks for letting me know. I was waiting to clear it off of my PC until I heard word from you. Spam hit it like crazy after we left. It was a good forum.
      Aug 21, 2017 at 9:33 PM
  12. Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    I wonder why the Virginia Governor and Mayor of CV told Police to stand down and allowed for violence to happen during the riot.
  13. ItalianMunchiez
    ItalianMunchiez Julia
    Hi are you interested in being a staf for my forum?
  14. saini kaom
    saini kaom
    please help me, every body
  15. saini kaom
    saini kaom
    hello every body, Iam new arrival here
  16. saini kaom
    saini kaom
    Hi! My name is Husaini Kaom, I was born and raised in Nanggroe Aceh Darsussalam Province, Lhokseumawe City. I work in Malaysia now
  17. saini kaom
    saini kaom
    hi,,, I am new arrival here, I hope, can have more friends here, and can share information
  18. ItalianMunchiez
    ItalianMunchiez Joshua Farrell
    Hey i seen your staff on postloop, I've did a ten sample post again because of last time and I had no response I did it atleast a week ago.
    1. Joshua Farrell
      Joshua Farrell
      Actually, I am not staff on Postloop. :) I was put into the Forum and Blog Owners group back when Postloop originally opened, because I was actively using Postloop as a forum owner then. :)
      Aug 13, 2017
  19. Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    FP currently has lower energy than Jeb Bush, never thought anything could be worse than Jeb.
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  20. Ahmad abbas
    Ahmad abbas
    any one have a addword idea?