Advertising Services

Our Advertising Services are a free way to promote your website. This service goes hand in hand with the Promotion Directory, but allows you to give your website additional exposure to our members. This article contains information on how to request an ad, and how to best take advantage of the service.

How to Request an Ad

To request an ad, simply create a new topic in our ad request forum. Before you do that, take a quick look over the Advertising Service Guidelines. After you’ve read the guidelines, you can request an ad by clicking here.

Which ad type should I choose?

  • Community Spotlight: The Community Spotlight is our most basic ad service. Requesting this service only costs 50 FP$ points. This ad simply consists of a text link that is displayed at the top of the view forum and view topic pages. Spotlight ads are a good way to spread the word about your site at a very affordable price, without having to write a long advertisement.
  • Signature Ad: These ads are displayed in each administrator’s and team leader’s signature throughout the forum on each post they make. The price is relatively affordable (50 FP$), but is a great value because of the amount of exposure the link will get. This is an excellent way to promote your site at an affordable price.
  • Text Advertising: This service is slightly more expensive than Community Spotlight (80 FP$), but allows you to write an advertisement that describes your forum. This is a very effective way to spread the word about your forum, although it requires a bit more effort than the Spotlight Ads on your end, because you have to provide us with not only text, but also an affiliate button (an 88×31 graphic).
  • Featured Site Ad: This service is our most advanced free ad service. These ads are displayed beside the quick reply box on our view topic page, which means members will be reading the ads as they type replies to posts. The price is relatively steep (400 FP$), but when you request the ad, we will crate an image to represent your site and include that in the ad. You will need to provide us with a brief summary of your site, though. This is perhaps the best way to promote your website, but also the most expensive.
  • All of the above: If you really want to get the word out about your site, we recommend requesting all of the above. The more times people see your ad, the more likely they are to join your site.

Tips on Using Advertising Services

  • Request Often: Ads become more effective the longer they run. After your ads expire, you can request them again, and again. Doing this will not only show your ad to people who haven’t seen it yet, but also will reinforce the message to people who have already seen it, and increase the chance that they join your site.
  • Combo with other services: The more people see your site on FP, the more likely they are to join. If you request an ad, we also recommend that you post your topic in the Promotion Directory, and post topics in the What’s Going On section. You can also put a link to your site in your signature and start posting around the forums.

Premium Advertisements

If you are interested in purchasing paid advertisements, which provide maximum exposure for your website, then please visit this page.