Promotion Directory

The Promotion Directory is a very effective way to promote your website or forum using Forum Promotion. Simply post your link and a brief description of your site, our members will be able to find your site. This article contains a few pointers on how to take the most advantage out of the Promotion Directory.

How to Submit Your Site

Submitting your site is as simple as creating a topic in the forum. First, you will need to have five posts on forum promotion, which you can make by posting around the forum. Once you have posts, you can post a topic in the Promotion Directory by clicking here. The template is optional, but we highly recommend that you use it. Make sure to include a link, the name of your site, and a description, at minimum. Also, please take a look over the Promotion Directory Guidelines before posting.

Tips for Using the Promotion Directory

  • Bump your topic often: In the Promotion Directory, the topic which was posted on most recently is displayed at the top. To gain maximum exposure for your site, you should post on the topic regularly. Please note, though, that you are only allowed to post on your topic once every twelve hours.
  • Post news & updates: To keep our members engaged with your site, it is a good idea to post updates, statistics, and quick tips on using your site. You can do this by posting a reply to your Promotion Directory topic. You can also post topics in the What’s Going on Section. Please refer to that section of the guide for information on that.
  • Network with other members: FP is a valuable resource for promoting your site. It can be even more valuable if you participate in our community by replying to threads, joining other people’s sites, answering questions, and having conversations with other members. The more our members see your face around the forums, the more interested we will be in your website.
  • Keep improving your site: The more awesome your site gets, the more people will want to join it. If at first people aren’t interested, then keep working. Try new things: playing around with the structure, installing new themes, and continue promoting your site by bumping the topic, and networking with our members in other sections of the forum.