Post Exchanges

Post Exchanges are an extremely valuable tool for increasing activity on your website. A post exchange is essentially an arrangement you make with another forum admin which is along the lines of “I will make one post on your site for every post you make on mine.” For young websites, this is an extremely valuable tool for building content, which makes your website more attractive to potential members. For established sites, post exchanges can give the site a fresh spark of life that can be crucial in exciting the interest of existing members.

How to Start a Post Exchange

On Forum Promotion, there are three ways in which you can start a post exchange.

  • Post & Affiliate Exchanges: Here, you “trade” posts with other admins. You make posts on their forum, and they make posts on yours. This is a good, completely free way to build content on your site, but, of course, requires effort to make the posts on the other person’s site. Click Here.
  • Forum Cash Exchanges: You can post on FP to earn FP$ points, and then use this section to exchange those points for other admins posting on your forum. This is useful if you already have FP$ to spend, or would like to earn FP$ by posting on other peoples’ forums. Click Here.
  • The Marketplace: In this section, you can pay other members real cash to post on your forum. This can be a good, low-effort way to build content on your site, but also costs money. Click Here.

The Vocabulary

When doing post exchanges, there are a few terms you will need to be familiar with.

  • 1:1 — This is a “one-to-one” exchange. That means that for every one post you make on someone’s forum, they will make one post on your forum. Usually, the person offering the exchange and the person requesting will need to agree on exactly how many posts they will both make.
  • 5/5, etc. — This is a “five-to-five” exchange. It means that you will make five posts on the requester’s five, and they will make five on yours. Similarly, there are also 10/10, 15/15, 20/20 exchanges, and so on.
  • active/active — This is an exchange in which you will make X number of posts per week on someone’s site, and they will make that many posts per week on your site in exchange.

Tips for Using the Exchange Sections

  • Make sure the other admin is interested: Do not start an exchange until the other admin says he/she is interested in doing the exchange. Otherwise, you might waste your time for nothing!
  • Post what you promise: In the exchange forum, it is important to maintain a good reputation by completing your exchanges on time. If you do that, then more people will want to exchange with you.
  • Do 1:1 Exchanges: For every post someone makes on your site, you should be doing on post on someone else’s, not several. 5/5, 10/10, 15/15 exchanges are fair, but 10 posts for 5 posts are not. Even if your forum is inactive, you will be able to find someone to do a 1:1 exchange with, unless the niche is very, very obscure.