• Guest, we are pleased to inform you that Forum Promotion has been integrated with Discord. This means no matter where you are you can always stay connected to Forum Promotion. You can connect your Discord account to Forum Promotion by going to you account connected-accounts or by Clicking here. Once your account is connected and if you are part of the FP's Discord, you will automatically be given a role "Approved Users". And when ever a thread/post is created a notication will be posted in #new-threads and #new-posts.


Forum Promotion is a site which allows you to promote your forum, website, or blog for free. We offer a promotion directory and free ads, which help spread the word about your site. Our posting packages help build activity on your forum or blog. Our Community Reviews section provides you with feedback to help improve your site, both from the community our our talented reviewers. Our post exchange marketplace allows you to exchange forum posts or blog comments with other forum owners, to build up activity on your sites respectively.

The Forum Promotion Guide includes tips, tricks, and advice on using Forum Promotion.