Job Center

The Job Center is a section where you can request help from other members of FP in running your site or forum. It is most useful for hiring administrators, moderators, and other staff positions for your forum.

How to Post a Job Opening

This is as simple as creating a new topic in the forum. We do not require any particular template, but you will need to make sure to describe what positions are available, and when possible, provide your forum’s name and link.

How to Post a Seeking Employment Topic

You can also create a topic in the Seeking Employment suforum, which is useful if you are interested in finding a job on someone else’s forum. Make sure to include your past experience in the topic, the positions you are interested in applying for, and a list of things that qualifies you for those positions.

Tips for Hiring New Staff

  • Be Careful! Giving someone admin access to your website can be dangerous. Before hiring someone, particularly to a position as sensitive as that, we recommend making sure that you can trust them. One way is to let them be a moderator for a few weeks before promoting them to admin. That is also an effective way to make sure that they are committed.
  • You get what you pay for. Most staff who are willing to join your forum through the job center will probably join on an unpaid basis. That means that they will only be willing to commit so much to your forum. You need to make sure that when hiring someone, you find someone who is interested in your forum. Also be sure not to expect too much, though, unless you do intend on paying staff.