Posting Packages

What is a posting package?

Forum Promotion’s package service is an official service provided by selected forum members to help you grow activity on your forum or blog. When you request a package, you will get forum posts or blog comments in exchange for a certain amount of FP cash (FP$) depending on the package chosen. Packages help to build the content on your forum or blog to make it look active, so that other members will find your site more appealing.

How do I request a posting package?

To request a package, simply go to the Posting Package forum and click the 'Post New Thread' button. There is a template which you will need to fill out first, which asks you for the URL to your site, the package you are requesting, the total amount of posts on your forum, any preferences for packagers to do the request and/or sections you wish for them to focus on in relation to your package, and any extra notes you wish to pass on to the team. Please make sure to read the Package Service Guidelines before requesting.

What kind of packages can I request?

The staff team offers a good variable of packages. The best choice for your site depends on the size of your forum or blog (in regards to number of posts you have), what kind of content you need, and how much FP$ you have available to spend.

There are three packages for forums and two for blogs which are listed below.

  • Forum Post Packages: Garnet Package (3 new content), Emerald Package (12 new content), Ruby Package (24 new content)
  • Blog/Article Commenting Packages: Marble Package (3 new content), Obsidian Package (10 new content)

Please read the Package Service Guidelines for more details on what you will earn for each package, the FP$ amount required to request, and the upgrade options.

Tips for Using the Posting Packages

  • Reply to posts: Once the staff team has finished their posts or comments on your forum or blog, we recommend that you reply to all those posts. That makes your forum even more active because not only is the staff team participating, but you as well.
  • Participate in post exchanges: By exchanging posts with other Forum Promotion’s members, you will have more people to respond to the posts via the service, which will earn your forum or blog more activity.
  • Give a cooling time period: You are requested to hold off on requesting a new package service for a certain amount of time, based on the service you requested. This gives time to the staff members to refresh their minds and motivation, so by the time you make a new request, they will be ready to assist. It also gives you and your community members to respond to the new content made.