Posting Packages

The Forum Promotion package service is an easy way to grow activity on your forum or blog. Our package team will, free of charge, make posts on your forum or blog, to both make your site more active, and to also build content so that other members will find your site more appealing. Posting Packages can be redeemed for FP Cash, which is earned by posting around Forum Promotion.

How to Request a Package

To request a package, simply go to the Package Request Forum and create a new topic. There is a brief template which you will need to fill out first, which asks you for a link to your website, its name, and a few more basic details. Please make sure to read the Package Service Guidelines before requesting.

Which Package Should I Choose?

The package team offers a good variable of packages. The best choice for your forum depends on how large your forum is, and how much FP cash you have available to spend.

Roughly speaking, there are five different “categories” of packages.

  • Starter Packages (Zeta package): The Zeta package is good for new members here on FP. It is a nice way to get a feel for how things work, and the only requirements are that you be a new member here on FP. You will receive one topic and two posts on your forum.
  • Topic Packages (Theta & Omega): These packages are useful for getting your forum going. If your forum is newly started, or doesn’t have very many posts yet, these packages can give your forum a much needed jump-start.
  • Mix & Match Packages (Alpha & Gamma): These packages provide a good mix of new topics and new replies. These packages are great for increasing the general activity of a forum which already has a decent amount of content, but needs a little boost.
  • Blog Packages (Sigma): The sigma package is a package that can increase activity on a blog. The package team will post comments to your blog posts.
  • Subscription Packages (Kappa): The Kappa package is the package team’s most premium package. It is designed to give any forum a firm boost of activity over an extended period of time.

Tips for Using the Package Service

  • Reply to posts: Once the package team is done posting on your forum, we recommend that you reply to the posts they made. That makes your forum even more active, because not only is the package team participating, but you as well.