Community Reviews

Community Reviews is a valuable tool for getting quality feedback on your site or forum. This includes feedback on the design, structure, content, and more. In this section, you can request a comprehensive review by our review team, and also receive feedback from members of the community. You can visit this section by clicking here.

Requesting Feedback in Community Reviews

To request any kind of feedback in this section, simply create a new topic by clicking here. A template will appear which you’ll need to fill out. Please keep in mind that you can only have one active thread per site at all times. Threads will be archived after two months of inactivity from the last reply. If you already have an active thread and you desire to request an official service at any time, all ou have to do is to reply your request within the same thread.

If you are after informal community feedback

Make sure you have 30FP$ for the thread. When creating your topic, choose the prefix "Community Feedback" in the title.

If you are after our official services

You will be deducted FP$ according to the service, make sure to mention in the notes all the required information regarding the service that you are requesting. All official reviews will cover one or more of the criteria listed below depending on your site and the type of review purchased.

  • First Impressions
  • Design Quality
  • Site Structure
  • Originality
  • Activity Level (Forums and Blogs Only)
  • Business Sensibility (Websites Only)

What are our current official review services?

  • Community Feedback: For 30FP$, you will be allowed a single thread for your forum or site in which members of the community may offer any feedback that they wish to give your forum or site. This includes even review team members who might wish to offer an informal review in your thread. Your thread will be archived after two months of inactivity.
  • Questionnaire: This service offers you the option to ask up to 3 different questions that you wish the reviewer to answer about your site. Once service is completed, you must wait 7 days before requesting a service again. The price is 30 FP$ per question.
  • Basic Review: This service offers you the option to choose up to 3 different criteria listed above that you wish the reviewer to review. Once service is completed, you must wait 14 days before requesting a service again. The price is 60 FP$ per criteria chosen.
  • Full Review: This service offers you a review covering all five of the criteria listed above. After receiving a full review, you must wait 28 days before requesting this service again. The price or this service is 300 FP$.

Tips on Using Community Reviews

  • Ask questions: If there is something in particular you want feedback on, don’t hesitate to ask. Both reviewers and the members themselves will listen, and respond with their thoughts.
  • Listen to feedback: When you get feedback, listen to it. Community Reviews is a great way for members to communicate their thoughts and suggestions to forum admins. If members or our review team have suggestions, and particularly if you hear them from multiple people, it is a good idea to make the changes that they are suggesting.