Community Reviews

Community Reviews is a valuable tool for getting quality feedback for your site or forum. That includes on the design, structure, content, and more. In this section, you can request a comprehensive review by our review team, and also receive feedback from members of the community. You can visit this section by clicking here.

Requesting Feedback in Community Reviews

To request feedback in this section, simply create a new topic by clicking here. A template will appear, which you’ll need to fill out. You need to provide the name of your site, a link, and the type of review that you are requesting.

Which Review Type Should I Request?

  • Quick Review: A Quick Review is a quick analysis of your website, that includes suggested improvements and general feedback. Your website will be given a look-over by one of our reviews, and then assessed on two categories. This option is good for any site that needs advice or suggestions on how to improve.
  • Basic Review: The Basic Review is our standard review, where the reviewer will look into where your forum or website needs the most help in, in regards to what potential issues are present within your website. Your website will be assessed in a total of 4 different categories. This option is good for those sites that are still relatively new, or for those who just need extra ideas on how to better improve.
  • Advanced Review: The Advanced Review is a more in-depth look into what issues are present with a website. The reviewer will typically spend two days evaluating it, determining what your website needs the most improvement on. Your website will also be assessed in a total of six different categories. This option is good for large sites that have a lot to discuss those things that may help out.
  • Feedback Topic: A feedback topic is simply a topic in which members and review team members will reply with suggestions. It does not include a formal review, so is very inexpensive. This option is good for members who are just looking for some quick feedback.

Tips on Using Community Reviews

  • Ask Questions: If there is something in particular you want feedback on, don’t hesitate to ask. Both reviewers and the members themselves will listen, and respond with their thoughts.
  • Listen to Feedback: When you get feedback, listen to it. Community Reviews is a great way for members to communicate their thoughts and suggestions to forum admins. If members or our review team have suggestions, and particularly if you hear them from multiple people, it is a good idea to make the changes that they are suggesting.