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    Ask me stuff!

    No chance!!! Heights are not my thing!
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    Ask me stuff!

    44 of course! One! In what country? Charlotte and William??
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    Would you rather be a kid when you grew up or now?

    I would definitely say that I preferred growing up when I did, but I can also appreciate the other view as to why some people might prefer now. For instance, technology and gaming have improved in quality, and as a young kid I was an avid gamer, so I'm sure teenage me would be very excited about...
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    Count to 15 before I post

    Back to 0 :P
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    I hope you are well :)

    I hope you are well :)
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    How many Languages do you speak?

    Languages are quite tough for me. I lived in Sweden for a while but never really learnt enough of the language. Sadly just English for me that I can call myself fluent in.
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    Ask me stuff!

    Teaching of some kind! Dogs!!! We have had quite a nice day really! A bit of sun and warm weather but it is now almost 10 pm. Hopefully teaching and living abroad. :)
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    I had my first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine quite a while ago now, so I should hopefully be due for my second dose pretty soon!
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    Completed VGR

    Thank you for using this service. The cash required will soon be deducted. The date you can request your next package: 15th February 2021
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    Hello everyone

    Hey there and welcome to FP! Enjoy your stay. :)
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    Completed VGR

    I will take the last part.
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    @Cumulus Sorry, could you link me to your comments, or at least one of them please? I am having trouble locating your comments! What username did you use?
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    Life Is Too Sport! An exciting blog documenting my life and experiences.

    Brand new post.
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    ~ 2 years! ~

    Congratulations on your two year anniversary! I am happy the site is still active. :)
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    Ask me stuff!

    I am not much of a gift giver so I didn't ask for anything! I am not religious so I am unsure. Usually in my belly pretty quickly!