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    Question Community seems bit dead?

    Social media gets blamed for drops in forum activity but I don't agree with that. Social media is different from forums and will never fully replace forums. FP has been suffering for a while now but right now, it's probably more due to the Summer holidays. Usually, activity on most forums drop...
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    Ask the King

    No idea. Not a PC gamer so I have no idea what any of the PC parts are :hilarious:
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    Then maybe a new game or mod?

    Then maybe a new game or mod?
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    The graphics (logo etc.)?

    The graphics (logo etc.)?
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    Ask the King

    Just the windows one. General Discussion. Not too large a community but still pretty active with members from all over the world and everyone gets along with each other
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    In Progress News56 vs USHost247 vs Truck Driver Forum

    Would you like a three way battle? With
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    Earn or Spend :D

    Yeah. 799FP$ :D
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    Earn or Spend :D

    @Joshua Farrell The link in my signature expires tomorrow. Would you like to renew?
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    Quality Post Exchange

    Just completed my side of the 5/5 @Jordan :)
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    Looking for someone to grow my Call of Duty forum (weekly payment)

    I would definitely be interested. PMed you @Ascent
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    Forum Post Exchanges

    Would you like to do a 5/5 exchange with ? You can post anywhere including the off-topic sections
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    Quality Post Exchange

    Would you be willing to do a 5/5 or even an active/active with @Jordan ?
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    Paid - $ Forum posters for a smartphone site

    How many posts are you looking for?
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    Aakash Pereira Portfolio Review

    I have just finished some minor design and colour changes to my portfolio site. I've also added a section for my latest project - Truck Driver Forum so some feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Quick Tasks = Quick FP$

    Sorry for the late reply Aaron. No requirements, just make sure it's not a few words ;)