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    Free Shrugs, love me please. This looks like spam :(

    Lol I got it :laughing: now I can last another month and next salary I can get a laptop Thats great! Hve you got much planned for the weekend
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    New here

    Hello Welcome to FP!
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    Greetings everyone

    That’s great!
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    Hello I’m Buckfast

    Hello There thank you!
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    Should junk food be banned from public schools?

    definitely not the worst thing that ever happened was banning turkey twizzlers.
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    All the money you need.

    Yeah i would invest more and into a few business.
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    How is the Weather?

    Very icey again this morning i can see it turning out to be a nice day again.
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    That you don’t drink caffeine from tea or coffee.
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    Ohh that’s interesting
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    Ask this human anything!

    Don’t we all, worth it in the end tho.
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    Tech Land

    I have been looking through the site it seems you have some work ahead of you with the theme and such, I would suggest getting domain and hosting!
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    Free Shrugs, love me please. This looks like spam :(

    That sucks I hope it lasts untill you are paid!
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    Share Your News

    True haha, till next year...
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    Ask Aaron

    Do you prefer soft drinks to water?
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    Hello I’m Buckfast

    Enjoying my stay here so far!