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    Replace "Instagram" with Facebook. I only said that Instagram is harder to market to. Thanks, @Cumulus!
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    ResetEra Has Been Sold For $4.55m

    Try 10 years. lol :woot: I have been administrator of CoDForums since 2009, purchased it late 2010, completed in early 2011.
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    ResetEra Has Been Sold For $4.55m

    Yeah, it is, but you're gonna stick to your own opinion. Whatever. I would never try to con my seller. Even NeoGAF members are calling the original owner a con artist.
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    Feedback Brilliant

    It looks simplistic, but a lot cleaner. Though, I like the dark theme.
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    ResetEra Has Been Sold For $4.55m

    You are not hearing me. I'm not saying the traffic is invaluable to [ad] Publishers. I'm saying the market of ResetEra is FAKE. There are real users, yes, there are big, prominent journalists there... but the content is FAKE. Let's assume Nintendo wants to advertise on ResetEra, because they're...
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    ResetEra Has Been Sold For $4.55m

    So, you want someone with $700,000 revenue to receive $10 Million? Did you read what I said? It's a woke website. Do you understand what I'm saying? Eventually, the site will die off completely, and the ad revenue means... NOTHING. You need LEGITIMATE users INTERACTING with the website in...
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    ResetEra Has Been Sold For $4.55m

    Do you know what undersold means? It means the the site was undervalued. It sold less than what it's valued. I said it should be sold for at least $100k to $1m. That $700k revenue should value the site at $1m to $1.5. NOT $4.5. $4.5 is way, way too much money for a small site. I'm telling you...
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    ResetEra Has Been Sold For $4.55m

    The age kinda matters, but I do agree it's overkill. I'll explain in a bit. Why do you like disagreeing with me? Are you doing it for lolz? They get "tons of views" but these "views" don't really translate into money. (Convert into money, I mean.) Visits DO convert into revenue, but the...
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    ResetEra Has Been Sold For $4.55m

    I think the site is overpriced and the new owners got scammed. The site isn't that big. 50K members is big, but not $4.55 Million big. Most of the members are leftist elitist losers. They ban people over the smallest issues. Most of the market is SJW trash. They are going off this perceived...
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    Community of the Month #54 - Submissions

    Site Name: DestroyRepeat Site Link: Site Name: CODForums Site Link: Site Name: PS5Daily Site Link: Site Name: PS5Forum Site Link: Site Name: SwitchForum Site Link: Site...
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    Would you rather go to a movie theater or watch it at home?

    Movie theaters all the way. I just watched Venom: Let there be carnage a few weeks ago. I can't wait for Matrix Resurrections. :) I'll be watching it in theaters. :D
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    Would you rather receive cash or gifts for your birthday?

    I don't care, honestly, as long as he/she knows what I like shopping for. I like video games, so if you're going to give me something at least buy a game I'm gonna like. Or give me a gift card at the place where I buy games. Or the value of the MSRP + Tax.
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    Favorite Superhero?

    The Dark Knight has great performance from Heath, but I like The Dark Knight Rises more. Anyway, its Wolverine. Batman doesn't really have a superpower. He's just a billionaire with toys. I like his interpretations from Batman Begins forward. If you play Arkham games, you'll love the...
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    Sending Emails To Inactive Members

    What do you all think about the practice of emailing inactive members and asking them to come back and post? Do you think it is a good idea? Bad idea? Why? I do this only sparingly. I rarely do it. I only do it when I have an announcement to make. Like a notice. I never ask them to come back...
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    When is it ok to ask for age?

    I was in my 20's testing things. But, I did this by accident on my first date. I was drawing a blank, and I didn't have too much feelings for her. But, SHE was into me. Called me cute, pulled my hand to her chest (damn close to her breast, too), and trying to make a romance. I'm guessing she was...