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    Community of the Month #44 - Voting

    FreeForumRanks for me
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    Discussion Hub Reaches 10,000 Posts

    Big accomplishment- well done! :)
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    I'm Alive

    Welcome back :)
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    Hi Dotgician, I'll drop you a message about some of the things you want done as part of this - I'd be happy to do some testing for you :)
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    Are you good at public speaking?

    I love public speaking: I tend to struggle in smaller groups however. For me, the larger the crowd the easier it is for me. Weird right? :P
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    Completed Umbrella Online vs. Mental Wellness Cafe

    Good luck both: I have cast my vote :D
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    Completed Kodi Beginner vs (Bizdustry)

    Voted: Good luck to both of you! :)
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    In Progress Help Minds Heal vs?

    Voted - good luck both
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    Another Return!

    Hey: Welcome back to the community! :)
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    Hey Guys !

    Welcome to ForumPromotion :)
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    Genshin Impact Database

    Niche site with a nice design! Love the API too: Gives users a nice incentive to visit your site and learn about Genshin
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    COTM Winner Fortree Forums - The Classic Pokemon Community

    Love the graphic in the OP! Best of luck with your forum :)
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    Community of the Month #43 - Tie Breaker

    Bizdustry gets my vote- best of luck!
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    Covid-19 Testing

    I've been tested twice - once voluntarily when I had symptoms a while back (May-June time) and recently took part in a trial for the new 15minute tests. I've had a fair few friends test positive though but thankfully all recovered after a few days of flu-like illness