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    Welcome to #BetterRedThanDead!

    Welcome to #BetterRedThanDead!
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    ⚔ In Progress Bizdustry vs. VGR

    Voted for VGR :)
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    Investing for your age

    😅 Hopefully so!
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    Investing for your age

    I bought my first lot of Doge today - must say I was inspired by this forum to do so 😅 Hopefully I'm not too late - $1 coming soon I think!
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    Your favourite Cocktails?

    I love a Pina Colada. More into mocktails though - not much of a drinker :)
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    New social network idea

    I'd join a new platform if it was one that aligned well with my family/friends too :) Native mobile apps would also be really important to me as I hate using websites for things!
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    ✔️ Completed VGR vs. Crafter Craze

    Good luck; I've voted!
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    ⚔ In Progress Crafter Craze vs Bayside Gamers

    Good luck to you both!
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    VCC Turns one year old

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!
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    Ask HolisticStorm

    Which state are you from? 🇺🇸
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    Info Community Team looking for a new team member!

    Good luck to people applying to the CT! Didn't think anyone could be as awesome as @Lämmchen but I do love @Thomasss as CTL - great guy to work with! :D
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    Suggestion Article Rates

    For the benefit of the wider forum - the price quoted was not provided to you as a final figure, more a working fee based on previous work and the current rates of various services here on FP. Nor was FP$ the main incentive offered for the blog post, it was an additional extra. We remain in...
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    Info Advertise FP!

    Correct :)