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    👀 Looking to Battle Christianity Haven vs?
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    👀 Looking to Battle Talk Mental Health vs? I know we are battling right now so maybe we can get a 3 way.
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    In Progress VGR

    Registration approved.
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    Caption This! October, 2021

    Not one single vote? Common guys! I thought this was hilarious LOL.
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    In Progress VGR

    Great. Let me know if I need to approve your account registration or anything like that.
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    In Progress VGR

    @overcast and @ZandraJoi are paid posters on VGR so I prefer others take the package. Very excited to give this new feature a try.
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    Staff Promotions Thread

    Congrats to all the recent promotions. I really like the direction the forum is taking as of late.
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    How is everyone doing this evening?
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    Gaming Forum -

    VGR just surpassed 90,000 forum posts!
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    Telling you how to run your forum?

    When a forum is in its infancy stages you must listen to members regardless, tbh. Once you have 20+ active and regular contributors you can be more selective.
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    Ask ZandraJoi

    Favorite shoe brand?
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    Will pay FP for forum posts

    I am still looking.
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    Favourite Mustard Flavours?

    I didn't know there were variety. Haha. Hmm. I guess whatever is being served. I'm not too picky.
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    ✔️ Completed Quarterly Website Battle Voting Q3 2021

    Thanks for all the support for VGR. Close race!
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    Hi! ^^

    Welcome to FP. Looking forward to chatting with you.