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    Selling Blog/Forum For Sale

    The BIN is actually not an issue, but I just cannot handle more projects right now. Don't tempt me :D
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    What are your thoughts on this? Old forum project revived

    Create some content fast. Few threads and maybe an article. Hire someone here or exchange posts for few weeks to re-activate the content as well. The stats are pretty nice, it's just good to get some current content, so that people won't see 2015 too much on the what's new tab :D
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    Some good places to sell your products?

    Fiverr is a great way to get lousy clients who want the next ebay for 5 bucks. I have done some logo design work on Upwork, but, again, do expect to get pretty bad clients, because most of them expect you to deliver 1000+ pages websites and the kitchen sink for few tens of bucks :D
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    Does your resume include your online responsibilities?

    Well, I landed a cool radio job back in the day, just because the company understood I knew more than just to be a DJ and they actually needed someone who can also manage some of their secretarial work. As I'll be looking into getting some part-time graphic / web design jobs this fall...
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    Should Forum Administrators Use Multiple Accounts to Boost Activity?

    There's no reason for a brand new member to just browse through the profiles and see timeframes, look for writing style etc. They join a forum to get an answer to their question, access resources or just have a laugh in the community. If any are so OCD stricken that they feel 'betrayed' by this...
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    Post Exchange Webmaster & Gaming forum

    I'm an idiot. The remark was for the UFO forum. Gee, am getting old :D Am registering on your community as we speak and start some posting. Love what you're doing there.
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    Selling Blog/Forum For Sale

    Well, I try to keep my hands off new forums, otherwise I'd have jumped in to buy. But I really hope I won't get back to owning 15 forums at once, as I used to :D Best of luck with selling it. From a SEO perspective, choosing the truck forum might actually make more sense, since it's in a more...
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    Post Exchange Webmaster & Gaming forum

    It's DOJO, you can easily see it from my profile link :)
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    Post Exchange Webmaster & Gaming forum

    Hello. I finished; let me know if it's OK. Thank you for the excellent posts as well
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    Webmaster forum -

    Absolutely. Will start right away.
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    Webmaster forum -

    PS: so that I don't litter another thread here ... I am also looking for webmaster / marketing forum post exchanges. I can do 10-15 posts. Let me know if you have any other niches and I'll tell you if I can post or not.
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    Post Exchange Webmaster & Gaming forum

    I'd have to do a little research first. I was never into this niche, so I don't want to write idiotic stuff :D But I can handle 10 posts, will probably write new threads, so that it's easier to handle the content, since I have no clue about the niche
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    Webmaster forum -

    In the past weeks I thought I should support my medical marketing portfolio with a forum that would drive some traffic and also help with the SEO (you can never do too much SEO work :)). Hence my forum: Don't get scared by the medical keyword, it's basically a...
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    Post Exchange Webmaster & Gaming forum = would you like to exchange posts with us? We're basically a webmaster forum
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    Admin Hut - Chilling Place for Admins

    Hmm, interesting. A new platform to be tested and used ;)