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    Best Host?

    What's eig?
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    Best Host?

    I need to move my mybb board to a new host as the free host I'm currently on forces an hour of shutdown a day. Plus their contracts are 3 years long for paid. Any suggestions for a good host? Requirements; Preferably free with choice to upgrade cheaply. Paid should be month by month...
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    Discussion Time Pictionary Contest - Win Amazon Vouchers/Charity Donation

    Added charity donation option now.
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    Free forum supplier recommendations

    I'm considering moving from tapatalk as tapatalk has very limited support, limited add ons, limited theme control and well, limited everything it seems. Plus a lot of people seem to hate it. Don't know why. Anyways, I've tried jcink but that seems to have broken add ons and some basic...
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    How did you discover ProBoards?

    I discovered it when I was invited to administrate a forum run on it back when it had turned to v4. I like the software but the people that run it are horrible. I don't use it any more since they deleted my forum with no warning or reason and kept banning me when I asked for an explanation...
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    Forums and Social Networks in 2020

    I think social media hasn't fully killed forums but it certainly has made it a lot harder to run a successful forum. I know some of my users just use social media now to connect to others and don't bother with forums.
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    Question IP blocked?

    Sometimes websites block certain vpn ips automatically if you're using a vpn.
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    Do You Use Any Other Search Engine Other Than Google?

    Bing because I can get Microsoft points doing that.
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    DiscussionHub.io | General Discussion Community

    Thanks. Will message you on there once I've found a photo I like. What dimensions does it need to be?
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    Discussion Time

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    How many members does your forum have?

    Discussion Time has 68 members.
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    DiscussionHub.io | General Discussion Community

    Wondered how they got so many hubux without posting.
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    Hi diddly ho, neighborinos!

    Lol @ flanders reference. Hello.
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    Automatic Browser Tab Refresher

    Didnt even know those sort of things existed. I just press the refresh button within the browser itself.
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    "Ban for Ban" policies

    Never heard of that. Does seem weird. But then again I very rarely ban as it is. I find most bans on websites are not justified. That's why I'm incredibly lenient on my own using of the ban hammer.