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    If caffeine deficiency is causing it, it will usually help.
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    Solved Ajax Threads

    I can confirm that it does this.
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    Solved On the Issue of Free Speech

    Now, see, when I was a part of the Community Team, I made a post with a message very similar to this (with no negative intentions), and was unfairly called out by all the administrators for making it look as though the other staff members are not actively looking through the forum. Cameron even...
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    Are you more likely to watch a Youtube video if it is in HD?

    YouTube 4K is still a thing. 8K is too.
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    What song are you listening to?

    Linkin Park Faint :shame::shame::shame:
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    It depends what's causing it. Most types of headaches are called "tension headaches," and they are typically the result of the following: Brain dehydration (caused by lack of fluids, so your body takes water from the brain) Brain overhydration (water intoxication) Hunger Blue and/or white...
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    Solved Community Billboards Image Size

    What took you so long? :hilarious:
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    Solved Community Billboards Image Size

    There are many parts about this theme that are broken. I brought up the mobile site over 7 months ago, and it's still looks like ass.
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    Solved VC

    FP will be long gone by then.
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    Solved Remove VC and RA groups

    The poll speaks for itself. It should be a pretty simple decision.
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    Favourite Laptop/PC

    Also a heck of a lot more serviceable.
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    Solved Remove VC and RA groups

    It's for stroking one's own ego.
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    Solved Remove VC and RA groups

    If you can sponsor a forum by purchasing a bold username with FP$, then I guess he is. :hilarious:
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    Solved Remove VC and RA groups

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    From A Retired Admin With Love

    Well isn't that the truth!